Beretta Tomcat Frame issues

Beretta Tomcat Frame issues

This is a discussion on Beretta Tomcat Frame issues within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Have you guys heard about the frame issues with the Beretta Tomcat 32acp? Is it true that they break after 1000 rounds? Thanks!...

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Thread: Beretta Tomcat Frame issues

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    Beretta Tomcat Frame issues

    Have you guys heard about the frame issues with the Beretta Tomcat 32acp?
    Is it true that they break after 1000 rounds?


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    Hmmmmmm. I've heard the same thing said of Seecamps! AFIK, all Berettas use alloy frames, and the Tomcat is a beefy little guy, so I would not think it would have issues, unless it was seeing "range-gun" type use. Having said that, I do not, and have not owned a Tomcat. I do own Seecamps, and will say that Fiocchi HPs are stout rounds in .32, so FWIW......

    Unless it is your only gun, I'd find it hard to think you could shoot it enough to exceed the service life. Beretta should be able to give you an expected round count.

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    I have an Inox Tomcat that I have put about 800 rounds through over the past 6 years. Other than the normal wear one would expect, the gun looks and functions fine.

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    man, thats a scary thought...especially coming from a company like Beretta

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    my 3 year old tomcat has not had any issues.
    i have not put more than 1000 rounds through it, but it has functioned flawlessly.

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    Mine is third-hand. The old lady puts 100+ through it every range trip.

    Zero issues, first run Tomcat with alloy frame.
    Driver carries less than $45 worth of remorse.

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    Sounds to me like when S&W stated the "lifespan of the sigma .380 was 1500 rounds " . In short Bull . No reason a .32 would stress a frame like that no matter the pot metal it was made of ( which that Beretta isnt potmetal ) I bet there are some loricans and jennings running around that with a lot higher round counts than that . oO( and that is amazing considering most of them would have been hand cycled due to malf's LOL )
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    sounds like a tall tale to me. beretta makes a good gun that will go a long way.

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    My wife has one and so does my mother and there has never been a problem with either one. My wifes does NOT have more than 1000 rounds through it, but I think that my mothers has and we have not had any problems out of it.

    They are great little guns for people that do not have very good hand strength.

    Theres no such thing as owning to many guns.

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    I've had nothing but trouble with my .32 stovepiped the second shot right out of the box. I expierience jams (I've used 2 types of ammo thus far) at least every 2 clips.

    It's had only about 400 rounds through it. I was going to use it as my primary carry (until I eventually and obviously moved up calibers) but sadly wouldn't trust this Beretta with my life. It's on its way to a smith or back to Beretta for some fine-tuning.

    I have a 92FS that's had 800+ rounds through it without even a hiccup.

    my .02
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