Sig Sauer 226 range report

Sig Sauer 226 range report

This is a discussion on Sig Sauer 226 range report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For some, this post will seems silly and I now understand why but there are others out there who have not tried a Sig. I ...

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Thread: Sig Sauer 226 range report

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    Sig Sauer 226 range report

    For some, this post will seems silly and I now understand why but there are others out there who have not tried a Sig.

    I am a confirmed Glock guy. I own other pistols and shoot them all but had not shot a Sig until today, so I didnt know what to expect.

    I am the proud new owner of a 226 in .40 cal. Nothing special (other than its mine) about the gun, its a plane jane. I do not like to buy used, but had done some research about what I should look for when buying a used Sig and felt comfortable doing this on a firearm I have no history with. I think I am the third owner. The person who owed it before me bought it as a CPO in 3-2009 and the sn starts U635xxx. I would like to find out the born on date if anyone has any info.

    The first shot was DA and I was very surprised by the long trigger pull. Similar to my wheel guns, but very smooth. The SA was incredible to say the least. The Sig trigger has to be one of the best triggers I have felt from a stock gun without a doubt. I shot 5 rounds in DA (love the decocker), and was very happy to see a good group. The SA gave similar results. I did not know what to expect, so I was very pleased with the trigger. The trigger is different than the Glocks and I did find myself riding it and not letting it reset. I do this on my Glocks and have a very fast second shot that is on target. Its a training issue on my part, but it was a surprise as to how much I had to let the trigger out to reset in SA.

    I had been looking for a 229 .357sig, but could not pass on this one based on the price. All of my autos are 9mm to help keep ammo costs down. My daughters and wife like to shoot also, so ammo costs can be high for the family.

    I had heard that the .40 like to flip, so that was what was driving me to a .357sig. I bought this gun knowing I could do a barrel swap for $150. I have to say the 226 handles the .40 better than my G19 handles 9mm. This should not have been a surprise because it is a full size and is steel. The 226 handles the .40 like a 1911 does the .45. A little barrel rise and more of a push than a snap.

    My other concern was the weight. With a loaded mag, it feels very close to my G19 with a loaded mag. What an eye opener to me! The other concern that I had as a Glock owner was maintenance. "No pride in ownership right out of the box" according to Bill (SRT) and he is right on spot about a Glock. Just shoot it!

    I asked a lot of questions, and found some helpful posts and I dont see maintenance of this pistol as an issue. If you are a glock person, and have concerns about oil, grease, cleaning and care for a Sig, I have included some links that I found helpful. I love my Sig and will be buying more.

    Lube part 1
    Lube part 2
    Inspection of Used Sig
    Sig Maintenance

    Shots were at 10yd at 26 degrees with a south wind. Didnt stay long.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sig Sauer 226 range report-p1020001.jpg  

    Sig Sauer 226 range report-p1020002.jpg  

    Sig Sauer 226 range report-p1010087.jpg  

    Sig Sauer 226 range report-p1010089.jpg  

    Sig Sauer 226 range report-p1010086.jpg  

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    Great report, looks like you found a very clean 226 in good condition. I especially like the looks of this model without the rail.

    Can't you swap and use a 226 .357 Sig barrel in the .40 ?
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    I love my Sig and will be buying more.

    I warned you about that....
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    Buying a used gun does involve some risk. But buying a used SIG is generally a pretty safe bet.

    I've bought 3 of them used, and they were all perfectly fine. The 2 that I kept are actually quite exceptional.


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    Glad you're liking your new (to you) SIG. I know my P229 is easily my favorite handgun and goes to the range more than any other.

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    Glad you enjoy it. Thank you for sharing!
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    Thanks for the report and welcome to SIGness...

    The 226 is a fine gun with either .40 or .357 barrels, I have the same set up.


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    Congrats on your 226. Sounds like you've got the bug. I just picked up a 226 Elite Dark the other day. Was getting tired of shooting nothing but compacts with my shooting group. If we could legally conceal carry here in IL, it would be tossing my Kahr PM9 in a pocket and being done with it....or if I was in a 'more is better" mode, a M&P 9c with CT. So, the full size 226 was an interesting and welcome change of pace. Bought it, cleaned it and meant to put 50-100 through it on day one. It was so comfortable and well behaved that 300 rds had gone downrange before I knew it! And, not just blowing holes in paper, but good, useful shooting.

    I'm sure you'll love yours as much I do this one.


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    Great report and some nice shooting for 1st time out with your new gun, in the dead of winter!

    So many guns and so little money. What's a guy to do? Hmmm. I may have to make my 1st Sig a used one too!

    Thanks for the report! And congrats.
    Semper Fi

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