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This is a discussion on The Ruger LC9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have an LC9 and I found it to be pretty accurate. The FTE's were a pain, but hopefully a trip to AZ will fix ...

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Thread: The Ruger LC9

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    I have an LC9 and I found it to be pretty accurate. The FTE's were a pain, but hopefully a trip to AZ will fix that.
    .357 mag, When you care enough to send the very best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadgerJ View Post
    I've shot the LC-9 a number of times and I must say, though it conceals well, and is comfortable with the mag extension, I can't hit anything with it. I put up a target at 10 yds, and shoot the mag and zero hits. It's puzzling. I've even tried it from bench rest. With my XDm 9mm, I put all the rounds in the 8-10 ring at 10-12 yds consistently. I decided to throw money at the problem and got a CT LG-412 while the rebate was still in effect. Plan to go to the range tomorrow or Wed and we'll see what my problem is. (My partner can't hit with it either).
    when you're in the range ask another shooter besides your partner to shoot the gun. if he gets same results maybe there's a problem with the barrel. then send it back to ruger.

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    Joined forum to express feelings on LC9

    About me: once a month shooter until recently. Aircrew training of the Beretta 92 in the air force (means i carried it all the freaking time, but was never required to be a crack shot. Just pass.)

    As the title says, i joined specifically to express how great i think this ruger is. I've shopped for MONTHS, trying to pick my favourite CCW (note, i said MY FAV, not "the best") pistol. My original choice and original purchase was a Taurus 709. Felt great in my hands, shot pretty well at the range, seemed solid construction. Read about it all over the internet, overall consensus was extractor problems. I bought one anyways, used (IMPORTANT, i bought a used pistol. Accepted that risk. Who knows what happened to it beforehand.) Yup, 65 out of 100 rounds FTE. I still love the idea of the 709. It's an awesome gun. But i'm a poor college kid. I need something i never have to fiddle with, and of course, something i can rely on in that one rare situation.

    Enter Ruger LC9. My distant second choice of CCW pistols. I was wrong to put this pistol second, let alone distant. I've put a whopping (sarcasm) 300 rounds through it so far. Dry fired it another 500 times i reckon (i love a new gun).

    PRO: Earlier posts were correct in the trigger situation. It's long. It's heavy. But it's consistent. You learn the crisp, exact trigger distance and pull within a hundred rounds. In 300 (two visits to range, 150 per.) rounds... not so much as a hint of FTE/FTF, despite my bad habit of buying cheap ammo (read winchester white box from wally world). The grip is slim, that means less to hold onto for normal sized hands. That also means great carry conditions. Pick your priority. The rough checkered grip really does a lot for keeping a steady grip though, despite 100+ degree texas heat. The sights are just your basic 3 dot. Nothing crazy, not overly wide, not too narrow (yeah, sorry, that's very subjective.) Take down/reassembly is fairly simply. not quite glock simple, you need some sort of monkey-simple tool to push the pin out, but overall, doesn't take a gunsmith by any means. Something i feel is important... the manual safety. Many reviews i've read complain about the reverse direction of push/pull to engage/disengage the safety. I think it's wonderful. It's difficult to engage the safety, it's natural to disengage. It should be the standard in the industry of CCW. Accuracy is great... in other peoples hands. The fella that works at the range did some pretty impressive things with my gun. A rough estimate, 8 rounds in a palm size group at 45 feet. One more thing, i love that fact that it comes from the factory with both regular and extended mag grips.

    CON: I don't really like the appearance of the gun. That, again, is VERY subjective. I feel that the gun is overpriced, but i'm a broke-***** college guy, and i feel the same way about the kel-tec and the taurus (i believe these are the main competitors to this gun, price and product in consideration). This is really silly... but the stupid zipper bag they package the gun in? C'mon ruger.... i just paid $400 for your gun. give me a hard case that costs you 5 bucks. That thing is in the trash. Maybe that's the standard these days. This is the first brand new handgun i've purchased.

    Sorry this rambled on so long.

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    The only way I could hit anything with the LC9 trigger was if I pulled the trigger with the crease of my first finger joint instead of the pad. After I did this I could hit where I aimed. I'm still getting the trigger kit though...LOL!

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