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Does anyone else love this caliber

This is a discussion on Does anyone else love this caliber within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've got a Henry Lever action .22 magnum that's awesome. I've also got a single six with lr and magnum cylinders. They're fun to shoot ...

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Thread: Does anyone else love this caliber

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    I've got a Henry Lever action .22 magnum that's awesome. I've also got a single six with lr and magnum cylinders. They're fun to shoot and hunt small game with.
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    I've got a revolver with both lr and mag cylinders. And if you are a big fan of 22mag, check out Kel-Tek's newest auto pistol. Chambered in 22magnum ......30 ROUND MAG!!!

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    I have a Davis Arms DM-22 over and under two shot 22 mag deringer. It does get carried a little bit and my wife carries it some when she cant carry anything else. Its not ideal to shoot with but it certainly beats nothing, has a much better range than a knife and for waht it is, is actually not that bad on accuracy. At about 15 feet or so i can get a 4 or 5 inch group with it. It slips in a pocket and Ive even worn it on my belt in an old cell phone case. Its like the NAA pug but a bit flater. I also have a Heritage Mnfg 22 with a 22mag cylinder but its not a carry piece. I wouldn't want to have to rely on the Davis as a primary but for us its a supliment to a larger gun or the gun to carry when you can't carry anything else. I was able to trade an old bayonet for it even, so I didnt even have to spend any money. Based on what Ive seen it do to target, and bricks compared to other rounds it doesnt have near the kick for something larger but it has enough kick to maybe get a couple of close shots off and get away.

    My other Kahr is a Kimber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plotdog99 View Post
    I have used 22 mags just about all my life. Great round. It will kill anything with the right shot placement. I allso cc anything from 1911 to glocks. But i never leave home without my naa 22mag pug in my front pocket loaded with hornady ballistic tips. From 0 to 7 yards 5 shots 4 inch circle. Does anyone share my love for this round.

    The 22 magnum is an awesome round for popping squirrels and rabbits.

    A fat squirrel hit just right with a good 22 magnum hollowpoint will literally explode.

    I once shot a super fat ground squirrel with Winchester's super destructive 34 gr Supreme Hollowpoint. That bullet literally explodes like a grenade when it hits flesh. I could not believe how the squirrel was ripped apart so much as I viewed the hit in my scope.

    When my buddy and I came up closer to examine the squirrel, we were both absolutely horrified by the monsterous sight that we beheld. Was by far my most gross experience ever hunting. We both became ill at the sight of what the bullet had done, it was so very bad.

    So yes, the 22 magnum is a super round to shoot small varmints with in an accurate bolt action rifle. It will do quite a good job on predator birds like magpies and crows, too. It is pretty cool to hit a bird with the round, and see a "poof" of feathers go up in the air on impact.


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    Like all cartridges, it has its uses and limitations. I never had much use for it myself, given the cost of ammo. What my .22 short or LR couldn't handle, my much more powerful and accurate .223 could. But the .22 Mag has its fans and will be around eternally.
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    Yes I really dig the 22 mag! I also carry my NAA Pug (22mag) in my front pocket as a BUG.

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    Every Gun has it's purpose. That's my thought process. I would say that the Pistol in the link would be used for a truck gun. In a tight situation a passenger has 30 rounds to back me up, or me use it to get out of a bad spot. I won't be so deaf after shooting it in my truck as well. (It also would be a good target gun and competition pistol)
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