Kahr CW9 for pocket carry?

Kahr CW9 for pocket carry?

This is a discussion on Kahr CW9 for pocket carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, I am looking of an affordable CCW and like a lot of what I read about the Kahr CW9. Does anyone on this forum ...

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Thread: Kahr CW9 for pocket carry?

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    Kahr CW9 for pocket carry?

    I am looking of an affordable CCW and like a lot of what I read about the Kahr CW9. Does anyone on this forum own one that they pocket carry? If so, I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance for taking time to reply.

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    Unless you have large pockets, the CW9 is going to be a very tight, if not uncomfortable pocket carry. I have a PM9 (which is smaller) and don't find it to be to be a comfortable pocket fit, especially when you factor in a holster. Add the fact that it's almost 20oz. loaded. I do pocket carry a Kahr P380 and Ruger LCP and find those to be an ideal pocket gun.

    Point of the story is that you should try it in a few of your pairs of pants and see if you find it comfortable.

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    P9/CW9 are too large for comfortable fit in the pockets on any of my pants.

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    I have a CW9 and I agree it is not really a pocket pistol. It is a truly great CCW pistol. I have carried the CW9 in pant, jean and cargo shorts using an Uncle Mike's pocket pal #3. The grip is too long and shows making a big point towards the back of the pocket. It would wear a hole in the the pants or shorts if you carried it every day in a pocket. Because of the grip length, drawing the pistol is tricky and slow. The shorter barrel and grip PM9 would be a better choice. The only pistol I have that really works for me in a pocket is the Kel-Tec P32. There are several .380 auto pistols that work well, in a pocket. I am determined to find the holsters needed to carry my CW9. I think it will take a combination of OWB and IWB holsters to provide concealment year round. Sorry for the ramble!

    -- Richard
    "A gentleman will seldom, if ever, need a pistol. However, if he does, he needs it very badly!" -- Sir Winston Churchill

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    Nope, the CW9 doesn't work for pocket carry in normal pants... but it's so compact and light, it's ideal for a concealment hip holster.
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    I love my CW9, but it's too big for pocket carry. Here's how it fits in the front-right pocket of my various pants:

    o I most often wear khakis. In a Desantis superfly holster the CW9 mostly fits, but the butt sticks out a bit and the pocket is filled up tight.

    o I second most often wear cargo pants. The LA Police brand cargo pants have a pocket big enough that the CW9 in the Desantis superfly holster fits completely, and though there's a big rectangular lump it's not visually clear that it's a gun. It takes a bit of jockying to get the gun out, so it's not a fast draw. However I COULD carry this way if I really wanted too. On the other hand the opening on the pocket on the 5.11 Tactical cargo pants is really too narrow to get the gun/holster in and out.

    o It doesn't fit into the pocket of my jeans.

    Hope this helps.
    In the heat of the moment, what matters is what your body knows -- not what your mind knows.

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    A few people have made their midsized Kahrs more concealable by cutting the grip down to the PM size, able to accept the 6 round mag. Kahr once produced
    some of their line cut down like this as "Covert" models. Maybe that would make your choice of CCW a little more successful.
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    Jacket pocket perhaps, but not pants.

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    Interesting. I'm not especially large, 5' 11'' and 165, but I pocket carried a PF9 for several years and then I discovered Kahr. I've pocket carried a CW9 and later a PM45 in pants and jackets for 3 years, largely because I had never read this post, and didn't realize that I couldn't do so. Although I'm not fond of the 380 round, I suppose I'll have to switch to the LCP I got for Christmas, now that I've been educated.

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    I carry a P9 daily. For me it is much to big to carry in a pocket. However, I do have a Galco pocket holster that would work in cargo pants front pockets.

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