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Who Makes a Really Nice Revolver??

This is a discussion on Who Makes a Really Nice Revolver?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've had some S&Ws...nice revolvers. Presently my Ruger SP101 has my undivided attention...what a tank. As others have said S&W or Ruger and you can't ...

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Thread: Who Makes a Really Nice Revolver??

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    I've had some S&Ws...nice revolvers. Presently my Ruger SP101 has my undivided attention...what a tank.
    As others have said S&W or Ruger and you can't go wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by martino View Post
    If a guy wanted to treat himself to a really nice double action revolver that is crafted REALLY well what kind? not fancy inlay or anything, just a great gun? 38/357 thanks.
    Look for a used S&W revolver in really excellent condition, as many others here have already suggested. Then ship it to the S&W Performance Center, and have their Master Revolver Action Package done to the pistol. It only costs $155, and turnaround is only a couple of weeks. Or for $175, you can get the pistol turned around in a couple of days instead.

    The resulting gun that you will have will be awesome, once the S&W master gunsmiths have polished and tuned the action.

    See this web page for more info:



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    Smith & Wesson, Ruger or Colt. I recommend the Ruger SP-101, GP-100 or anything from S&W.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skysoldier29 View Post
    Smith and Wesson and Ruger would be on the top of my list.
    That's pretty much what I was going to say. I'm not exactly a "revolver guy" but I have admired and owned revolvers from both makers.

    Had a S&W 442 Airweight .38 revolver, and a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .44mag. Both were exceptional, for what they were. Both companies have made some stellar revolvers over the years. Smith has made scores of different models. Ruger seems to stick with a few great designs and then sticks with them. Both can make very well-made revolvers. Ruger has a reputation for durability in its designs, including the GP-100, Single-Six, Blackhawk and Redhawk lines. Smith's revolvers have been used in police work for decades, with a reputation for reliability.

    The Ruger SP-101 revolver has a special place in the hearts of carriers of defensive pistols, I think, being the one revolver from them that extends their legendary reputation for durability and is concealable. Many have the SP-101 for concealed carry and report good things about it. It reviews well, in the trade rags.

    If I were to purchase one revolver today, I think it would be the Ruger Redhawk KRH-444, with 4in barrel, in .44 magnum. Well-designed, durable, smooth when tuned by a gunsmith, able to handle the hottest loads.
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    Although my wife and I have had no problems with our Taurus revolvers and like them very much, I would not recommend anything made by Taurus due to their Customer Service (lack thereof). Smith & Wesson used to be excellent, but a couple years ago I bought her a Model 637; we kept it only a few weeks because we both absolutely hated the trigger. If I were shopping today, I would look at either a Ruger SP101 (for ccw) or GP100.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post

    They ain't cheap, though.

    That, or find yourself a Colt Diamondback or Python.
    Hard to argue with that.

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    Ruger or Smith.

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    If you want a great .357 for a bargain price it's hard to beat a Colt Trooper III. You can still find them in great shape for around 600 bucks on Gunbroker. No, they don't have that Python trigger but you can put a set of lighter Wolff springs in them for 10 bucks and the triggers are damn nice at half the price or less. They are built like tanks....probably more durable than the Python. The Pre Mk III Troopers and the Three fifty sevens are great, just a lot harder to find in great shape without spending an arm and a leg. I have 3 Mk III's--a 6 inch electroless nickel, a 4 inch nickel and a 6 inch blue and I'm sold on them. Bought them all in the last year for under 550 apeice. The Mk V's might be a consideration too but I don't have experience with them. They have a shorter hammer fall than the MK III.

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    Content deleted; I missed the part about "double action" revolvers, and had recommended high-end single actions.

    For a nice traditional blued sixgun, I look at pre-MIM S&W revolvers. I am not worried about MIM parts failing, just that MIM parts are ugly.

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    S&w 686

    S&W 686 pre-lock if you can get one you won't be sorry.
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    Yea. Smith & Wesson is pretty good. I like the ones that only have two digits (not counting the "dash" number) in their names.

    Model 19-4

    Model 10-5

    Model 10-7

    Model 15-3
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    S&W works for me!

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    When I was shopping for a revolver, I had narrowed it down to either the Ruger SP101 or LCR.

    When I made it to LGS, they didn't have an SP101, but they did have a real nice pre-lock S&W 442.

    I compared the LCR and 442, I was more impressed by the Smith, even though it was used. It just felt smoother, and fit better.

    The Smiths and Rugers are the real players in the revolver game, pick whichever one turns ya on.

    PS: I still plan on getting the SP101
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    It's really hard to beat a good S&W for reliability. I'm still toting the same model 29 I traded for in 1973. It shoots where it's pointed EVERY TIME! I've had some others but none won my heart like this one.

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    Ruger sp101 or LCR. You won't be disappointed.
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