1911 Triggers

1911 Triggers

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Thread: 1911 Triggers

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    1911 Triggers

    I recently purchased an Auto Ordinance 1911. The box labeled it as a series 80. The trigger seems to have a bit of take up, then weights more when its about to fire. It also wiggles a bit.

    I have dry fired Kimbers and they seem crisp and consistent. To my knowledge kimbers are series 70 systems.

    My assumption is all series 70s have a similar feel to the trigger, but do all the series 80s feel like my 1911? Or is it just because its a cheaper gun?

    I was looking at colts but a lot of them have series 80 setups, and I would hope its a much nicer trigger for $900-1000.

    If anyone has any info to enlighten me it would be great. I am looking for a nicer one for potential carry, so need as much information as possible.

    BTW, any good way to train on getting used to disengaging the safety? Or am i just gonna have to do a bunch of draw exercises?

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    I'm no pro when it comes to the 1911 pistols. I've had a couple, and built my own custom years ago. I do know that there are several (rather simple) things you can do (carefully) to improve the existing trigger feel with the stock parts. More you might be able to do with custom or aftermarket parts. I'd love to have another 1911 simply for a project pistol. You just need to be slightly mechanically inclined, and have a back up pistol while you work on this one. If this is a carry pistol, you'll need to learn it's nuances and work with them, or seek more professional help. Seems to me I used to have an old freebie DVD from Clark Customs on what they do to the 1911 to make it better. As of this time I can't seem to find it (just looked). I remember it being very informative for what it was worth. I do know they offer DVDs for sale. Might even search EBay and find one cheap. I've never owned a gun that I didn't get deep down into and made it the way I liked. The reasons may be that I was never willing to pay too much for something I may not like out of the box anyway. A true custom from the manufacturer has pretty much always been out of my price range or allowance. That's why I got into the do-it-yourself and be happy with it, or start over ordeal. The older I get, the starting over part isn't too appealing anymore.
    The thumb safety and training? First pistol I ever held was a government issue 1911. It's going to be difficult for me to describe what best to do. I still have a single action pistol similar to the 1911, so I haven't been of the bicycle very long. I did favor the extended thumb safety with my previous 1911 models. My SIG P220SAO, I don't see the need really. Maybe because it's a bit higher and the grip is larger. What I would do is manipulate your thumb safety repetitively from your easy chair with your eyes closed with your normal grip on the pistol holding it straight out in front of you like you were taking aim at a target. Work on it, and do 50 reps or what you see fit until you get to 200 total. Then go to the holster and draw exercises. Important that you get into the habit of putting the safety back 'on' before re-holstering. To me......engaging the safety is easier (or more naturally inherent) than wiping the safety off. Looking at the pistol while doing these 'exercises' is okay. Changing your grip or pointing the muzzle in an unsafe direction is not okay. If you find yourself doing this, start over. A high hold grip on the pistol is good. Many seem to be reluctant more so with the 1911 style pistols than others since the slide movement seems rather intimidating and bleeding from a deep gash in the web of the hand or from the second thumb joint is not an attractive thought. That's how beaver-tail grip safeties came about for the 1911 models. Aftermarket grips have come a long way in helping those with grip problems when it comes to manipulation of the thumb safety or the magazine release.
    am i just gonna have to do a bunch of draw exercises?
    Don't make it sound like you're digging a 100' ditch with a wood handled shovel and no gloves. Your practice should last you forever and it will pay off without much manual labor involved.
    I wouldn't throw the Auto Ordinance pistol you have to the back of the safe and go on the hunt for something better until you've done the best you can with what you've got. You got it for a reason. Just like a new dog. Disappointments are things you have to work on. You just don't send them to the pound if they don't obey you the day you bring them home.
    I could make a fine carry pistol out of your 1911 clone. What you do is entirely up to you. I don't have the means to buy yours at this time.
    Congratulations on your recent purchase!

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    The Only Series 70 guns were Colt Government and Gold Cup models and the designation is due to a finger (collet) bushing and stepped barrel design that was a cheap way to increase accuracy without the labor intensive need to hand fit barrel bushings. Series 70 has nothing to do with the fire control parts. The Series 80 Colts use a trigger actuated lever that cams a second lever which depresses a firing ping plunger to release the firing pin making the gun ready to fire. A properly fit and tuned series 80 will feel no different than a properly fit and tuned pre series 80. Several other manufactures (to include Para Ordnance, Taurus and AO) have all copied the series 80 firing pin block from Colt.

    The problem you've encountered is that you are dealing with an Auto Ordnance 1911 which isn't known for outstanding quality control.
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    As for trigger take-up, read this.

    As for disengaging the safety, take your unloaded 1911 and get some a-zoom snap caps. Load a magazine with a snap cap and chamber the round. Put it in your holster. Practice your draw: for a 1911 get a high grip on it just under the tang of the grip safety, as your bring the 1911 out of the holster and in front of you at about low ready, disengage the safety. Since you have the snap cap in place you may pull the trigger to fully emulate a draw and shoot. This video is about drawing, and this video is about proper grip on a pistol.

    Be safe out there!

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    Thanks for the input. The 1911 is actually a purchase I split with my father. More of a range gun. Meant for trying out 1911s. I will have to get on of my own for carry.

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