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Making changes for 2011

This is a discussion on Making changes for 2011 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; With a good holster it should not be a problem concealing the full size. If you like 357, you could get the new Coonan 357 ...

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Thread: Making changes for 2011

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    With a good holster it should not be a problem concealing the full size.

    If you like 357, you could get the new Coonan 357 1911 platform. Great guns.

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    MNBurl, thanks for the advice, but the 1911 is something I decided to leave a long time ago as a serious consideration for a carry gun. Glocks have never failed me, I am certified to work on them, and they have more than satisfied my criteria in what it takes to ride on my hip.

    A few others that have what it takes, and were passed up purely as a matter of personal preference were CZ 75, High Power, and Beretta 92 fs. If I ever left Glock, these are the only ones that would get serious consideration.

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    I really don't carry my 1964 P-35 that often for now but once retired it may find it's way into the rotation a little more. As I said earlier I really liked the G-21 for cooler weather with a sweatshirt. It warmed up a little today. It will get into the mid 70's. If you get to cold bring your wife on down south to thaw out and I'll get you on some good winter fishing. Cold front coming in on Thursday high's will only be in the upper 60's.

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    Congrats on the new found culmination of knowledge. The 9x19 is the best combination of lethality, capacity, availability, and affordability. The GLOCK 9mm pistols are the ultimate platform for dispensing 9x19 ammuntion. Although I've never fired a GLOCK 17, I do appreciate the extra barrell length, capacity, and reputation. My EDC is a GLOCK 19 and I don't see that ever changing, it's the perfect balance for me. The GLOCK 26 is a damn fine little pistol also. I will second what others have said about carrying a spare mag, something I'm working on also. I've never had a GLOCK magazine give me a lick of trouble but... Good luck concealing the 17. I use a Crossbreed Supertuck for my 19, I know the 17 would fit in it but not sure on concealability. Carry often and stay safe.
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    Good luck on the new venture! It's great to see a person look at all the options on the table and make the best decision and not be afraid to change it later if something new comes along!
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    I will continue to carry the 10mm and .357 flame for you while the G17 sits idly by in the cabinet

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    Shane! come back! (to revolvers) Just kidding
    I agree about concealing should not be a problem. I carried the glock 22 at work and that's what I carried off duty. I just like revolvers. So I am carrying revolvers now. But, I like Glocks. My next pistol will be the g36. I really like the 45 acp and think the g36 should be a good fit for me. I like the looks of 1911's. They are the coolest looking guns IMO. But revolvers and glocks. They were made for me. Idiot proof.
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    Sounds like you have it well thought out. I can't fault your logic one bit.
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