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Single Stack 9mm choices

This is a discussion on Single Stack 9mm choices within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a Taurus 709. I would not recommend it. It has not been reliable. Fussy about ammo. Some types of ammo get lots of ...

View Poll Results: Which single stack 9mm would you choose?

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  • Kahr K9 Elite

    40 16.74%
  • Walther PPS

    57 23.85%
  • Kahr CW9

    52 21.76%
  • 2 Keltec PF9's

    38 15.90%
  • Ruger LC9

    34 14.23%
  • Taurus 709 Slim

    18 7.53%
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Thread: Single Stack 9mm choices

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    I have a Taurus 709. I would not recommend it. It has not been reliable. Fussy about ammo. Some types of ammo get lots of FTF. Has to be well lubricated or I get FTE's.
    Don't have any experience with the others on your list.

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    My choice, the Kahr PM9 is not a choice but after trying 16 handguns it is the one that I now carry. I tried 4 Glocks, a Sig P239 (heavy), several .380 pocket pistols and J-Frames plus a few of the other more popular carry guns. The PM9 fits in my pocket, carries comfortably IWB and is accurate as well as well built and reliable. Prior to buying this gun I used to carry one of four different guns depending on my dress and mode of carry. Now this one gun is suitable for all my carry needs. Only exception is when I wear pants without a belt and shallow pockets or elastic band that does not support much weight. In those cases I carry either my Seecamp LWS32 or NAA .22lr mini revolver depending on the clothes and circumstances. Even then I have three shoulder bags that hae hidden holsters in them should I think I need anything more potent.

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    I just went through this exercise:

    Had it narrowed down to G26, M&P 9c, Kimber PM9, Kimber Solo, Ruger LC9, Sig 239, Walther PPS (9 mil). G26 and M&P were out due to thickness (I have a full size m&p that I love, but wanted something smaller), 239 dropped off due to weight (not polymer frame), which left the ruger, pps, and 2 kimbers. The PM9 compared against the LC9, PM i believe was smaller (made the compare a while ago). PM compared to the Solo, solo was smaller and lighter. Which left me at Kimber Solo vs walther PPS. I refuse to buy first generation anything (e.g. solo), plus the solo had a 5-7 week wait (and I'm impatient). Walther won. Over 200 rounds through it thus far, no problems. Other thing - plenty of aftermarket parts, grips, holsters, etc. Something new wont have that.

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    I have a PF9 and just bought a used CW9. The PF is lighter and it does have more recoil because if it. The PF is less expensive by far. The CW seems to have less print and a tad bit heavier. Both are good shooters. I like the grip pattern better on the PF but the trigger pull is better on the CW. The CW has a better fit and finnish but can sometimes be picky about some target rounds it likes to feed, HPs have not been a problem with either. I like them both for different reasons and both are good shooters but i seem to carry my PF alot more than the CW. The PF is an excellent gun for the money. Get the PF for now and leave your options open for another gun for later. I use my CW and PF for summer carry and Taurus PT140 or Rock island 45 for winter carry. Good luck with your choices.By the way,saw the 709 slim on your poll. Im a Taurus fan, but they should have called it the 709 S#*T.

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    Either a S&W 3913 or a CS9 is the ideal single stack 9. Surprised neither was offered as a choice, though both are out of production, they can easily be found used.

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    new mexico, u.s.a.
    If you haven't seen any of the youtube vids check'em out
    You can search for a kahr pm9, and Walther PPS and any others but enter the word "shooting" with it to get an idea on recoil AND ofcoarse you can find out all kinds of other info in other vids like reviews
    Next best thing if you can't pop off rounds cuz there are no test guns

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    Of the choices you presented, I would choose the K9, but was torn between that and the CW9.

    I am sure the LC9 will be a winner, but I would like to see it on the market for a while before I bought in. Nothing against the other options, I just don't have much experience with any of the other firearms on your list.

    Models that I would add to your list -

    Kimber Solo
    Kahr PM9
    Kahr P9 (since you prefer the larger frame)
    Springfield EMP
    and I am sure there are several others that should qualify

    HK P2000SK also comes to mind. Not a single stack, but not an aggressive double stack.

    While I generally prefer to carry a larger .45 or .40. I do have a Kahr PM9 that occasionally gets the nod. Great little gun. Nearly as small and light as the little .380s, with full-size power. I am about your size, and have found that, while not comfortable to shoot, the extra concealment and flexibility in how I carry is worth it.

    I would seriously consider the P9 over the CW9. There is nothing wrong with the CW series, but the P series is worth the extra money for me. I can easily see where others feel differently.

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    The OP has not posted in this thread for over 2 months now. If he was interested in following up further on this, I think that he would have posted back to the thread by now.

    Resurrecting old threads that have been inactive for 2 months or more is often a waste of time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Teufelhunde View Post
    Didn't vote, as I am holding out for a compact Glock single stack 9

    Devil Dog, is this just a wish or have you heard something? I too would love one and cant figure out why they have not?
    Glock 19 Gen 3 in a Brommeland Max Con V
    Glock 26 Gen 4 in a Brommeland Max Con V
    Karh PM9 in a Isotope 7 (made by Gary Brommeland)
    Home Protection:
    Mossberg 500 and Kimber Custom II 1911.

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