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Sigma or Glock?

This is a discussion on Sigma or Glock? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would have to say Glock. But then again I've never ran across the "free of charge" option. I had to save up to buy ...

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Thread: Sigma or Glock?

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    I would have to say Glock. But then again I've never ran across the "free of charge" option. I had to save up to buy my Sigma because at the time i didn't have a half a grand to sink into a gun. My sigma has ran about 1000 rds without one failure and I trusted it. After I get it back from S&W and run a couple of boxes thru it, I WILL trust it again. The Sigma is a good gun for the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    Oh definetly not offended. Perhaps the fact that you are new here and I am not used to talking with you has something to do with the perception. Contrary to what you think, this is not a cult post, and if you knew me you would know that is not me. Maybe you should get to know the people here a little better before you start making statements like that.

    I did not do a search because this is not a research project, and I was more interested in what the people here I KNOW and have had conversations with in the past thought. Savy? All contributions are welcome, but if you have a problem with my thread, just like guns, there are more here to choose from, but dont come in here and accuse me of being a cultist when you obviously know nothing about me.
    I don't have a problem with your thread, or you for that matter! We are on the same side of the second amendment, even if I am stuck in this liberal prison called Michigan for 4 more years.

    I still do beleive this is a Glorious Glock thread LOL! Sorry man, but to ask if anyone would pick a Sigma over a Glock is like picking Bill Clinton to beat Mike Tyson in a boxing match. Sure, Clinton has a very slim chance, but I wouldn't make that bet with your money. The answer should be completely, painfully and glaringly obvious, so why even bother..... Unless you are trying to preach the Glockness (you see what I did there? I substitued Glock for good!).

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    Glock hands down.
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    Late to the party, but Glock, no contest.
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    Unfortunately I'm stuck with a "free" Sigma. It is issued to me by my employer, who requires that I carry it on duty. But on the other hand, I've owned a Glock and got rid of it. The Sigma, IMO, has better ergonomics and seems to be a natural pointer. The big problem with it is that the trigger sucks.

    My former Glock (mod. 27, .40 S&W) did not fit my hand well and was difficult for me to shoot. I also didn't like the lack of safety features.

    I would choose neither of them for a one & only, but that's just me. Some folks like Glox, and some like Sigmas. Different strokes for different folks.
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    What do you think he wants to hear?
    Light travels faster than sound...thats why some people appear bright before they speak

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    Between the 2, maybe a Glock.

    Finances aside I would refuse the free gun and go buy an M&P

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    if I had to take the sigma free, I would just go trade in for a glock

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    If it's my money, I do think the Glock is worth $200 more than the sigma.

    If it's free, I ain't complainin'.
    You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter
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    Glock, only because it's more expensive and I would sell in. I think a closer comparison would be either glock or m&p, sigma or hi point.

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    I would rather pay for a Glock than have a free Sigma.

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    Sigma or Glock? That's like saying: Yugo (Sigma) or Toyota (Glock)...obviously Glock man!
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