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My new High Point 45

This is a discussion on My new High Point 45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by bunker cant beat the snubs... how big would the pockets have to be to pocket carry the hi point well......

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Thread: My new High Point 45

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunker View Post
    cant beat the snubs... how big would the pockets have to be to pocket carry the hi point

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    Hi points aren't for me but doesn't mean they aren't for anyone. I'm probably one of the rare people that actually shot one but never bought one.

    The one I shot was a C-9. The pistol part didn't jam but there was 2 magazine failures. Once the follower got stuck and the other time something messed up with the feed lips it wouldn't hold the cartridges... you load one and it would pop out... The mags didn't appear to be very well made. The pistol was very heavy (weight) and I couldn't figure out how to field strip it.... (kind of embarrassing) The trigger was also mushy (which I can probably blame on the fact it had probably been shot a lot) which was hard to get used to.

    It was a long time ago and I'm sure they made improvements. One other gripe I had was the magazines are pretty low capacity but hey you got a deal! Can't get a .45 for $120... maybe a beat up surplus 9x18 makarov or something but not a 9X19 or .45
    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    I always thought Glocks were ugly, but a Glock is a centerfold compared to a High Point. They may shoot ok, but no thanks, no way...
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    I had a HiPoint 9mm and it was as reliable and accurate as I could want. When I wanted to get something more concealable, I passed it to my son and it has never given any trouble in 3 years. My only issue was in taking them apart for cleaning. I did not have a drift pin to push out the roll pin that holds the slide on so it hase never been fully disassembled, only swabbed out. Still, it has been perfect without ever being cleaned; that's gotta say something.
    I also had one of the 9mm carbine rifles and it was a hoot to shoot!
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    I'm not bashing them, but when I was at a pawn shop looking at the display cases I saw (looking through 2 rows of guns), I was curious as to why they were storing an electric drill down at the bottom of the case. Stepping back for a clear view, I realzed it was a high point. Lol that think was huge. Not a console gun, maybe a trunk gun. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camjr View Post

    You guys are killing me.....

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    off topic... but notice the recent change in the appearance of "Big Tex"? No six guns..... gotta love the PC crap!

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    a little late posting

    Quote Originally Posted by bunker View Post
    Purchased a new High Point 45 ACP from my friend who has his FFL. .. he orders guns from a wholesaler and only charges $20 over wholesale prices for his friends at our local gun club. I ended up paying $120 for the gun. I was a bit tentative about purchasing it, but have read many great reviews of the gun... most of the bad reviews seemed to come from those who never shot one before.

    Took it to the woods in my back yard today to run some Remington UMC ammo though it. Although it is heavy, it fits the hand nicely for a range gun. It came in the OD Green color, and to my eye, it is not as ugly as others had stated. The sights are actually easy to pick up outside, especially when everything is white/snow covered here. It has two red dots in the rear, and one yellow ramp up front. It also comes with a ghost sight.

    The gun functioned flawlessly with all 100 rounds. No FTF or FTE, both in slow fire, and rapid fire. There is a bit of recoil, more so than my Glock 30 it seems. Ergonomics seemed good, but i once accidently turned on the safety during rapid fire... gotta keep my thumbs down a little. Single stack 9 round magazine seemed to work just fine, and ammo seemed to load easily.

    This does not seem like a gun i will ever carry, but i purchased it for a range gun, and just out of curiosity to see what they would be like. I like the fact that it is American owned and made, and have heard great things regarding their customer service. Seemed like it is trustworthy thus far, and cant wait to shoot it again! Now i think i may order the C9 Highpoint in 9mm....

    I know i might take a bashing for purchasing it... quite a few of my friends at my gun club were giving me grief, but all wanted to know how well it functioned. All i can say is thumbs up for now... we will see after she has 500 total rounds.
    i bought a hp .45 2 1/2 yrs ago took it to my cwp class passed then run 500 rds through it before i cleaned it, ive carried every day and then bought the c9 i still carry the .45 yeah its heavy but when you shoot a wild animal size of a racoon at 150 ft away,mmmmm, and feel confident with a $100-$150 gun what would you carry? made in america ill take it over those $600-$800 pistols any day

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    The only high point I'll ever buy again are there carbines I have the 40 s+w with lazer site.I think I 'll give that to my son
    as he can't afford a real black gun yet.The only thing I don't care for is 10 round magazine capacity.It would seem to me we should be able to et ome in 25 30-40 rounds of ammo.Others they are a blast to shoot.I will be buying the 45 acp as that's what I wanted inially.I am ashamed to admit it but I purchased one of those ugly ass HP 45acp for my father.He was sick
    and he was one of those guys who would hold it and look at it but he died before I got him to the ranage to try it out.I ended
    up trading for a Hungarian jg 380 it's another verison of a makrov.I made $25 on that deal can you believe it?Then I turned around and turned around and sold it to a family member and made $25 on that sale also.You ask a police officer about high points several murders in right here In Maine HighPoint were used ,hell,they even sell site so you can fire the pistol side ways
    like they do on T.V. !!

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    As long as it goes "BOOM" every time you pull the trigger, I don't see anything wrong with the purchase. In fact the more the merrier if you ask me! CongratulationS.
    Why?? Because at the last second, the Police are minutes away.

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    It didnt blow you up when you shot it???????

    My buddy has one and that thing is extremely accurate. It is also 100 reliable.

    The trigger isnt great, but i may pick one up at some point.

    I have limited my recent choices to pistols that i can CCW as well
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    ....Whenever I still can

    What non-shooter are YOU planning on taking to the range?

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    This is an old thread that's been resurrected so I might as well jump in. Congratulations on having an open mind and opening your wallet for an HP. The .45 HP was my second handgun purchase after a KT P3AT. Left the LGS, went to the outdoor range and started at 25yds. Had to adjust the rear sight a bit (yes, they have adjustable sights) and then was able to keep 2 inch groups from a sandbag rest. Never experienced a malfunction through 500 rounds. That purchase started my love for the .45acp caliber and I now own 2 1911's and an XDM in .45. When my son was taking his CCW class I gave him the Hi Point and his instructor told him it was a reliable gun by reputation. Son passed his test with it and still takes it to the range with 0 malfunctions to date. Damn good shooter, that gun is.

    I have the C9 Hi Point in 9mm and the only problem I've had with it is it would not accurately shoot cheap steel cased ammo. Not sure of the manufacturer, may have been Brown Bear or some such. For some reason the rounds would "keyhole" in the target. Besides that, it makes a great boat gun.
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