New Ruger LC9 for pocket carry?

This is a discussion on New Ruger LC9 for pocket carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, Just looking at the dimensions of the new LC9, do you think it would be a good choice, size wise, for pocket carry? Thanks...

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Thread: New Ruger LC9 for pocket carry?

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    New Ruger LC9 for pocket carry?

    Just looking at the dimensions of the new LC9, do you think it would be a good choice, size wise, for pocket carry?


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    To me it looks kinda iffy for pocket carry... Better have some big old pockets. Just my 2 cents. bunker

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    I think it'll be fine for pocket carry. It's a little smaller than a J frame 442/642, which is the king of pocket carry.
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    i would like to get my hands on one and see how it fits, i think its going to be depending on what pair of pants your wearing if it will work or not.

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    The bottom line is that there are going to be lots of people who pocket carry it just fine.

    It isn't going to be for everyone as a pocket carry gun, and it should be a great IWB concealment gun. But no doubt there are gonna be a lot who have no problem with pocket carry.

    I have several pants where I can pocket carry an XD9sc without problems. It has a bulge, but it does not print. Looks like a wallet, so yeah, LC9 will be in a lot of pockets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TX-JB View Post
    I think it'll be fine for pocket carry. It's a little smaller than a J frame 442/642, which is the king of pocket carry.
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    You should definitely try it and see if it fits in your pocket. Not everyone has the same pocket size. I have a Kahr PM9 (which is smaller than the LC9) and I don't find it to be a comfortable pocket gun in any pants I own, especially when you factor in a holster. I have muscular thighs, so a J-frame prints horribly. I do think a LCP or Kahr P380 is a perfect pocket pistol though. YMMV.

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    Size wise it is a little longer than a Kel-Tec PF9. It will take some pretty large pockets to pocket carry the new LC9 IMO. I have had customers tell me that a LCP peeks out the top of some pants pockets. So the LC9 will be even longer. To guage a back pocket holster, cut a piece of cardboard the height and width of the LC9. You can glue several pieces of this size together to get to the thickness of gun and add about 1/4 inch for a leather hoslter. Then stick that in the pocket you may want to use. You will get an idea if it will work or not.

    Since the LC9 is thinner than a J-frame, I think the LC9 would be a good IWB option.

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    I have been carrying a Taurus PT709 Slim for a couple of weeks as a BUG (Wife done me good this Christmas). It fits jeans and cargo britches just fine, so I would expect the smaller Ruger to work pretty well. I normally carry a J-Frame wheelgun....but dagummit...I really like the flat 9mm. I used to HATE, and I do mean HATE Taurus with a passion as I freely admit to being a gun snob...but they little Ultra Lite series from Taurus have replaced my Smith J-Frames as a go-to BUG or occaisional primary carry gun, and the new 709 has 500 trouble free rounds of every 9mm ball and hp you can think of through it (I wish my much more expensive Khar 9mm would have worked as well). So, I am now a guy who likes his Tauri. Thus, Ruger being Ruger, I am betting their LC9 will be one heckuva good workhorse, and a good choice.

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    Di not want to but then again I also dont like pocket carrying a Snub Nose Revolver either..just too much rolling around in that pocket for comfort..the only thing ive ever found to be ok is something like the P3at or LCR or one of those similar ones. mostly because of the weight not size.

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    LC9 Great Pocket Carry

    I have pocket carried my Ruger LC9 with CT laser for several months. I carry in desantis fly pocket holster, front pocket in dress pants and khakis. Fits perfectly in back pocket of levis jeans, just 1/8th inch of the holster panel shows and looks just like a wallet. I am average height and weight so assume would work well as pocket gun for most men. Would probably need cargo type shorts to handle the holster size for summer.

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    i played with one last week when i was getting my wifes christmas present and i feel in love with it but me been 6'4 and 165lb thank it would be great in the paints on the back about 5 o'clock no one would ever know

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    works well for pocket carry. The great thing is how light it is.

    The LCP is excellent for pocket carry as well if you're willing to sacrifice for the .380 round...

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    I have an LC9 and when I do carry it, it's always in my pants pocket. I do not buy any pants with shallow pockets, and most of the time it's cargo shorts. I won't say that I forget I'm carrying it, but it is very manageable. Loaded with 8 rounds of Federal 147 gr. HST (my carry load), it is a little heavier than my S&W 642, but it's worth it to me for the extra 3 rounds.

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    I had one and sold it for a .380 which was stupid, because I don't think .380 can protect me. Anyway, the LC9 fit just fine in my slacks and khakis, fine in cargo gold shorts, and fine in my jeans.
    Good gun.

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