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Softest shooting of the small 9mm's?

This is a discussion on Softest shooting of the small 9mm's? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Shutterbug Even though I don't like the trigger shape and pull, my KelTec P11 does not feel bad in terms of recoil. ...

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Thread: Softest shooting of the small 9mm's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shutterbug View Post
    Even though I don't like the trigger shape and pull, my KelTec P11 does not feel bad in terms of recoil. I am ezpecting a trigger shoe and mag extension in the mail tomorrow, and they do make it more palatable. I don't carry it, but conceal it close to the front door. For that role it is worthwhile having around. I think my Walther PPK/S in .380 delivers more felt recoil.
    I honestly dread range time with my p11. But carry it none the less... a lot of fire power in a small package.

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    I would think that one of the steel framed karhs would be smooth. I have a CW9 that's not bad. The weight of the steel frame would make it better.
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    I nominate my Taurus PT709 for a soft shooting small and slim 9mm. God Bless

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    My Px4 Storm is about as soft a shooter as you will find anywhere. Mine is a full size 9mm and very straight shooter and very easy to handle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlockJS View Post
    A hair longer than 6 and a smidge heavier than 20........Glock 26!
    I have to agree with this. Easy recoil, great trigger reset, and the ability to make just stupid fast follow-up shots.

    While a bit thicker than the others mentioned, you get 10+1 capacity in return...and a short grip that's still easy to conceal. Carry a G19 or G17 mag as a you're talking some serious firepower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VBVAGUY View Post
    I nominate my Taurus PT709 for a soft shooting small and slim 9mm. God Bless
    I love my PT709 (around 1500 rounds and no issues at all), and it is not as bad as the kel tecs in the recoil department, but it is still pretty snappy. Of course, small and light equals snappy in any of them.
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    I have 3 small 9's
    G26 is the least felt recoil
    PPS slightly more recoil
    PF9 the most felt
    All are easy to manage. PF-9 is easiest to conceal - the G26 is hardest. PPS in between
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    I haven't shot all that were mentioned so far but I've shot a lot and out of all those, the Kahr K9 was the softest shooter for me. I believe it was becasue of the all stainless steel weight, the soft grip, and the low bore axis. Another gun I've never held but think might be a soft shooter would be the New Magnum Research Baby Eagle all steel frame single stack 9 mm. They aren't out yet and I don't know if I like the features or set up but judging by looks alone, I suspect it'll be a particularly soft shooter.

    Heavier than 20oz, I think the RIA full size 1911 in 9mm is probably the lightest shooter of all.


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    I was surprised at how soft shooting my Kahr PM9 has been

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    Kahr K-9. Mine is a joy to shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ev239 View Post
    Curious to see opinions on this.

    I wonder what guns shoot the softest in the sub 6" length size category or even in the sub 20oz weight category.
    The Kahr line has some lightweight yet soft shooters. My pick would be the Kahr P9 or slightly heavier CW9

    Moving up in size and weight a bit I'd be curious to know what's softest in the 7" length size and the sub 25oz weight category.
    The HK P2000sk is remarkably soft shooting. The best compact available IMHO.
    Then the other Kahrs that fit your size limits, the K9 and larger TP9
    The Walther P99c is another excellent choice.

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    Although the Kahr P9 has a very slight more amount of recoil than the K9, I feel that it is a good trade off for the lighter weight. Paired up with a good IWB holster and a good belt, it all makes for a great combo. But each person has to find what they like best, so they can carry confidently. Great thread!

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    With so many new choices coming out in this class of gun I'd wait and see before making any new purchase.

    The Kimber Solo, LC9, Sig P290....each brings something different to the table and it wont be long before we can get some real feedback on their performance.

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    I'm excited about a lot of the new offerings coming out this year for small 9's. I originally asked the question to help steer my wife to her next gun. She's been carrying a Sig P239 and while it's a pretty soft shooter it's pretty darn heavy. If I changed the parameters for the lightest softest shooting 9mm regardless of size what would you guys recommend?
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    Not the smallest but I feel the Ruger SR9C is quite "Soft".......
    I am waiting on the newest crop...


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