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Softest shooting of the small 9mm's?

This is a discussion on Softest shooting of the small 9mm's? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Glocks are hard to beat on a weight/firepower/recoil level, if size isn't a real consideration. The P239, as you know, is very soft shooting, but ...

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Thread: Softest shooting of the small 9mm's?

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    Glocks are hard to beat on a weight/firepower/recoil level, if size isn't a real consideration. The P239, as you know, is very soft shooting, but it is heavy for its size and capacity. The really small polymer 9mms (I have a PF9) can be a handful (or not, as the case may be, my PF9 doesn't come close to filling my hand - making it more difficult to control very well); it's a simple matter of physics at that point.
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    Two years ago, when I was brand new to handgun shooting, I was looking for the smallest, lightest 9mm that worked for me. At that time I found the Kahr PM9 too sharp and hard to control, and the Kahr CW9 to be very easy to shoot. I bought the CW9 and have been very happy with it. It's smooth shooting, and the recoil has always been a non-issue for me. I can shoot a hundred rounds in a practice session without my hand suffering in the least. Don't know if it's the softest shooting, but it's worked for me. Now that I've been shooting handguns for a couple of years maybe the smaller PM9 would be OK too, but I'm not interested in finding out.
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    Mk9 is very soft, but heavy. Pm9 isn't that soft with +p, but very shootable. The g26 if allowed in the group is ridiculous. Minimally different in felt recoil from a g17.
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    Haven't seen it mentioned but my wife and I both carry the Bulgarian Makarov. Great shooter, almost no recoil, small and easy to conceal.

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    They're all pretty manageable if you can get 3 fingers on the grip. CW9 - fine. PM9 with 7 round mag is fine too. I carry mine that way everyday. Little guys with stouter springs are easier as well. For me, if a slide is hard to rack, it usually means the recoil will be a bit milder. But there are timing issues, too.......

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    I will echo the same sentiment as the other owners of the Kahr CW9, it is mild in the felt recoil department. To me, anyways, the CW9 had less felt recoil than the Ruger LCP .380 that I had previously owned.

    You can also try using standard velocity 115 grain jhp ammo in your pistol, less recoil and still way superior to any of the mousegun calibers (.22, .25, .32, and .380).
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    My Glock 26 is fun to shoot - not hard to control at all. Wonderfully accurate for ~1/4 second split double taps - both shots will be within 2" of each other at 7 yards most of the time.

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    i love my P9. Bought it as a promotion kahr was offering to gun store owners. never carried one before that. used to carry a Kimber UCII. now the kahr gets most of the holster time. Wonderful firearm, easy to shoot, trigger is great, and weight makes you forget it is on your hip....just my .02

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    Quote Originally Posted by bklynboy View Post
    I was surprised at how soft shooting my Kahr PM9 has been
    +1 I enjoy shooting it.
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    The M&P 9C is really soft shooting gun.

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    I can't vouch for "softest shooting" but my Glock 19 shoots like a dream. Very accurate and manageable recoil.

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    Haven't shot them all but

    love my CW9 -Shoots Well - even with +P, Hate my LCP even when i leave it in the truck.

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    My XD9sc is a pretty soft shooter. I carry the 10 round mag in it for a short compact package for concealment, and two 16 round mags for reloads.

    The grip extension on the 16 round mags instantly turn it into a gun with a full size grip for more controllable shooting, and increasing accuracy under stress. The best of everything right there.

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    Haven't even seen one yet, but I'm predicting that the Kimber Solo will take over a good share of the market.
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