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Thread: Trust

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    I dont trust anyone or any gun right out of the box.
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    If I absolutely had to... yes. But unless I'm somewhere without mine and I need to buy something NOW and will have no chance to get to a range (not likely to happen) then I prefer to put a few hundred rounds through them to check function and ammo.
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    I try them all. I've bought a brand new rifle that would not fire. Took it back to the Dealer and I was told that the chamber was over milled at the factory (causing the round to be a little to far forward) and the firing pin was not striking the primer hard enough to fire the weapon. Dealer gave me another rifle.
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    I would say yes with a strong conditionals . First I would feel safe assuming it would fire, statistic in my favor. I would not trust it to be accurate. I would also trust that there is not anything cataclysmic wrong with it. ie blowing up on the first shot. Second I would be more inclined to trust if it is a revolver, and or it is of a good brand. Would I want to do that, no. would I if I had to, yes. If you had the opportunity to take it out and put a few rounds through it before carrying and did not, would I think you a fool. Yes.

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    Nope. Regardless if it is a semi-auto or a revolver it is a mechanical device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OPFOR View Post
    I would WANT to test any gun, of any make, before trusting my life to it. However, if my life were in danger and I had in front of me a table full of new guns, I would grab a Sig or Glock before any other manufacturer, and consider my odds pretty good.
    ^^^^^I'll go along with that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Revolver maybe, semi-auto, most likely not, for reasons stated from others.
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    I voted "no" in the poll. I would much rather depend upon an untested SIG than any other brand of autopistol, based on experience. I own several SIGs, and have owned a couple more. I have owned several Glocks, and will say I would rather depend upon an untested SIG than an untested Glock.

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    I voted no, I test all of my guns when they are new, even the revolvers. I want to know the darn thing works, instead of standing in front of a BG, wide eyed and shouting "Holy Catfish!", or something to that effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OPFOR View Post
    I would WANT to test any gun, of any make, before trusting my life to it. However, if my life were in danger and I had in front of me a table full of new guns, I would grab a Sig or Glock before any other manufacturer, and consider my odds pretty good.
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    If it was the only gun I owned, of course I would carry it right out of the box. If not, I would run a couple of boxes of ammo through it before I started carrying it (since I would have another handgun to rely on)...more to make sure I am proficient with it than that it functions correctly. I had a Kimber Ultra Carry that I put a couple of hundred rounds through...ran flawlessly...then it started having feeding problems. You can run 500 rounds through a weapon, but that is still not a 100% guarantee that the 501st round is going to work properly. I'm just saying.
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    I don't own a Sig, but the only thang I'd trust straight out of a box would be a rock.
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    I now have 5 the fifth one tonight, and although I want to try them all at the range with a few hundred rounds, I know that they would all go 'boom' out of the box if the need arose.

    I wouldn't drive a car (new or used) on a long trip without giving it a 'test' to speak.
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    Nope... not even a Glock till I run it and then run it again with my SD ammo.
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    I would test fire any gun before carrying it. Sigs are great, and my P229DAK has never had an issue, but I checked it out first.
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    It's not necessarily the gun that I have to learn to trust, but the ammo I attempt to feed it.
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