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Thread: Trust

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    hey all

    If you carry a sig and that is the brand you like would you trust it enough to carry right out of the box?

    Or do you need a break-in period?

    I am particularly interested in hear from Sig Sauer owners but no matter what brand you prefer please vote and post.

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    For me its not about a break in as much as it is making sure the gun operates like it should, I am familiar with it and I find ammo that it likes.

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    Nope. i test all of them before i trust my life to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ks kid View Post
    For me its not about a break in as much as it is making sure the gun operates like it should, I am familiar with it and I find ammo that it likes.
    I don't own a Sig, so I will forbear voting. But I agree with the above
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    I would WANT to test any gun, of any make, before trusting my life to it. However, if my life were in danger and I had in front of me a table full of new guns, I would grab a Sig or Glock before any other manufacturer, and consider my odds pretty good.
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    Don't care who made it, if I haven't made sure it shoots well for me in my hands, I won't trust it for carry or HD...HK's, Glocks...even revolvers.

    I run at least a couple hundred rounds of FMJ, then at least 50 rounds of my carry ammo through a pistol before I carry it.
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    Mechanical object, made by men. Nope, don't trust it right out of the box no matter which brand.
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    experience comes from bad decisions"

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    Even if I purchase the same gun I'm carrying, I will test it before I let my life count on it.
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    Sorry but this seems like a "non" poll. Can't imagine anyone doing this and if you're discerning enough to be buying a SIG you probably have done enough thinking and reading that you wouldn't do this unless desperate on the ride home from the store.

    I wouldn't even do this with a revolver based on what happened to me with a Ruger SP101 one time.


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    I've never owned a Sig, but I don't trusy ANY firearm that I haven't personally put a few hundred rounds through. Not every gun operates the same and not every gun will accept every kind of ammunition out there. Not to mention that some guns need a good cleaning and lubrication right out of the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    Nope. i test all of them before i trust my life to them.
    Yeah that.
    For a lot of people, being a victim is a way of Life. That's a Life I choose NOT to live.

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    When I bought my sig I put 400 rounds through it the first day.....not fun with (2) 7 round magazines....
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    I didn't vote as I don't trust anything out of the box--guns, knives, light bulbs, whatever. I like to test everything. Still, I clearly diferentiate between testing and the infamous "break-in." Clearly some guns are ammo style/brand finicky, so it must be tested with the differnt ammos. If it doesn't like Brand X, I don't want to use Brand X. But firing "X" hundred rounds to make it work right? No thanks. If I have to do the finishing work at my expense, I want a discount.
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    I've owned and carried many quality guns, including Sig, CZ, Springfield Armory, Colt and my Dan Wesson. I trust none of them enough to carry straight out of the box. A gun is a mechanical tool, and as such is subject to flaws in materials and workmanship. Before I'll carry any gun, I function check it with several hundred rounds of target and carry ammo.
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    Not A Sig! A Glock Maybe !
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