Charter Arms Question

Charter Arms Question

This is a discussion on Charter Arms Question within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Been looking at revolvers for my wife as indicated in another thread. Was looking to see if anyone was familiar with the Charter Arms Undercover ...

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Thread: Charter Arms Question

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    Charter Arms Question

    Been looking at revolvers for my wife as indicated in another thread. Was looking to see if anyone was familiar with the Charter Arms Undercover Light series of gun.

    Wife was looking at their website and saw one of their models.

    Looking for someone who might have firsthand experience with one.
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    I don't with the newer ones no...but I do own a CA 38 undercover...first generation circa 1981 or so. Great little gun. I hear the verdict is out on the new 3rd generation CA revolvers but the second generation revolvers can be prone to quality issues.

    If the decision were MINE I'd take a look at the S&W 642 Airweight or something similar. Overall I feel the S&W revolvers are of much higher quality. It really depends on her. How she wants to use it feels in her hand etc.... In the end...SHE needs to use it!

    I just looked at a new 642 for my girl just an hour ago at a local shop. $369 + tax. This is of course just my opinion...I'm sure others will chime in as well. There are a lot of really knowledgeable folks here.
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    My wife has the Undercover Southpaw. It's not a bad revolver, but it sure not a S&W.

    It has a pretty heavy trigger pull and it certainly lacks refinement.

    But overall, it goes bang when you pull the trigger, its light weight and it's the only true left hand revolver we could find for her.
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    Look at a S&W and get her some pink grips! That's what my girl wants. LOL

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    Maybe this will help you.

    History : Douglas McClenahan, a young gun designer who had previously worked for Colt, High Standard, and Sturm, Ruger founded Charter Arms in 1964 to produce affordable high-quality, reliable handguns. His first pistol was a lightweight, five-shot revolver called "The Undercover" chambered for .38 Special. McClenahan's innovation was to avoid using the side plate designs manufactured by other revolver makers for a one-piece frame, giving the new revolver a strength that allowed it to safely shoot hot loads.[1] McClenahan also reduced the number of moving parts used in the gun and created a safety device for the firing pin.

    At just 16 ounces, the new gun was the smallest, lightest steel-framed revolver in the world with the fewest moving parts. A unique hammer block system gave gun owners protection against unintentional discharges. The Undercover's high quality, light weight, and reasonable price made it popular with gun enthusiasts and law officers.
    The company went bankrupt in the 1990s, but the Charter design and mark was resurrected for the 21st Century by Charter 2000, which was founded by the Ecker family. The new company capitalized on the fame of the old Charter Arms revolvers, which had fewer critical moving parts and a simpler design.
    Earler guns and the later guns, have all been said to be good. The one's in the middle being more of the one's to avoid, when they were doing everything to cut costs and survive. They were made to be lighter but stronger guns. The "Undercover" gun was their bread and butter gun, and still is.

    I''ve shot one that is a 1973 Undercover Pathfinder, probably 99% condition, and it's a good solid gun with a great trigger pull. I really liked it. Rossi may be one to look at as well ... and I'm sure someone else can chime in on them.
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    I've got one of the more current ones that says Charter 2000 on the side of the barrel. It's my only snubby and I haven't had any problems with it. Mine's an Undercover which is the steel frame 16oz version. The Undercover Lite series have an aluminum frame so my guess is they aren't quite as strong as the steel version, but at 12oz they are featherweights. I agree that they aren't nearly as nicely finished as S&W or even Taurus revolvers, but mine always gone bang and it does what I ask it to. A plus is they are made in the USA and the new ones carry a lifetime warranty.

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    I have the shrouded hammer verison of the Undercover Lite, the On Duty
    Here is the review i wrote on it.

    Since then I have put about 500-600 rounds total through it(mostly +P 158 lswc). It still locks up tight and shoots great. I use it as my everyday carry gun. I no longer pocket carry, I now use a hybrid IWB tuckable holster I made,

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    I've got an older, "Staratford" Charter Arms Undercover. Other than the finish being not as nice as that on a Smith & Wesson, I really can't see a lot of difference. It locks up tight,, shoots straight, and looks pretty decent I think. With the original wooden grips that came on it, it kicked pretty good, so I ordered a set of the ones that come on the new Charter revolvers. Much better.

    I'd look for one of the older guns, like this one. The new ones I've seen look to be well made, but they're stainless steel (I'm a blue steel guy), and the older ones sell for a lot less usually. I paid about $200.00 for this one. It's my more or less everyday carry gun, but I admit I swap around a lot.
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