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Glock? MP? Why not both?

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Thread: Glock? MP? Why not both?

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    9mm I like the Glock 19
    40 I like the M&Pc
    45 I like the M&Pc
    357 sig I like the glock 32
    10 MM I like the Glock 20
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    I have a M&P 9, I have a G17.

    I picked up the M&P to see if it was a better mousetrap, so to speak. It isn't.

    The odds are, sometime over the next few months the M&P will go, the G17 will stay.
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    I do have my preference but they are both very capable pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hihosilver View Post
    which trigger do you like best? Which do you think has the more crisp or mushy trigger. Ive never shot a M&P..thats why I ask. I like the Glock trigger better than my XD's.
    I have both. I like Glock's consistent reset better. Stock M&P's have sort of a ""double" reset path that I don't quite like (but easily fixed with Apex Tactical parts).
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    Both are excellent choices you just can't go wrong. I made the switch to M&P a while ago, but I will always have and love Glock's too. As far as the trigger, they are both nothing to write home about. I would say the Glock has a better reset and that's about it. Sorry, but it's the truth as they are both a touch mushy and are around the same pull weight. I will take any of my 1911's triggers over any Glock, M&P, or XD.
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    quality piece either way
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    Why not both?

    Because then I would have two guns that do almost everything the same. Along with two guns comes mags for two guns, holsters for two guns, spare mag pouches for two guns, sights for two guns, and spare parts for two guns. That costs money, money that would be more effectively spent on making myself a better shooter.

    I've owned and shot thousands of rounds through both. I have a g17 for a duty weapon and a g19 for off duty. I prefer the M&P, but glocks are what my department approves so glocks are what I use. Despite my preference, I shoot both designs about the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paaiyan View Post
    Agreed here. I just don't like the feel of Glocks. I'm not knocking them, just not comfortable to me. I'm glad you can afford to buy both! That'll certainly make the decision easier, haha.
    Quote Originally Posted by mattwestm View Post
    I have an XD-9 and an XD-45, but I'm getting a Glock 19 soon (I hope). The M&P9c is definitely on my list. I like all guns, some are just better than others.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trav View Post
    M&P 45c and Glock 19 here. Love them both! I also want a blonde and a brunette...ive got the blonde now...


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    I won't knock Glock,,, Hey, that rhymes!

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