.45 Hardball as a carry round?

.45 Hardball as a carry round?

This is a discussion on .45 Hardball as a carry round? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Like the title says, how do you feel about plain old FMJ's as a carry round? Also, with the lower velocities of the .45 ACP ...

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Thread: .45 Hardball as a carry round?

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    .45 Hardball as a carry round?

    Like the title says, how do you feel about plain old FMJ's as a carry round? Also, with the lower velocities of the .45 ACP cartridge, do hollowpoints really make that much of a difference in stopping power? Let me also toss out that many 1911's feed more reliably with FMJ's, anyway.

    Your thoughts?

    EDIT: I forgot this part: would you be concerned about over-penetration with FMJ's?
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    I wouldn't want to get hit by one, but I'd much rather not get hit by a good expanding JHP. Over penetration can be a concern, but I'd be more concerned about having efficient expanding rounds available and not using them.
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    I would feel just fine carrying ball ammo in a 45 ACP as well as LSWC. If one of my 45s had a feeding problem with JHP and fed ball ammo flawless, it would certianly be the ammo I carried.
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    When I leave the range after shooting steel, the 1911 on my hip is loaded with a mag of JHP but the spares are filled with hardball, since that's what I shoot the match with. 9mm FMJ has a reputation for zipping right through humans, leaving "ice-pick"wounds. The .45 ACP can completely penetrate a human, but it does a lot more damage along the way. FMJs are not my first choice for defensive carry, but I sure don't fret over having them on board if that's what I have on hand.
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    If Hollowpoints were outlawed. My choice then would be .45acp 230gr FMJ.

    The round has proven itself to be effective on the battlefield, so thats why I would choose it. Yes I've heard it's been known to overpenetrate. But that's better than underpenetration IMO.

    Hollowpoints do make a difference in stopping power. So that would be my first choice in a bullet in any caliber.

    test your 1911 with some hollowpoints for reliability. If your gun dosen't have any issues with them? Then thats what I would use as my defensive round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint Smith on the 1911; From Guns and Ammo, September, 2001
    “The 1911 remains popular because it’s an efficient tool. In more than 30 years of experience, I’ve met more competent, serious gunmen who carry 1911’s than those who pack any other handgun. They are professionals – policemen, government agents and others who carry handguns daily because the know their live may depend on it…Me? I’ve carried a 1911 every single day for the past 20 years. It’s a very comforting gun to have at your hip. It offers a good, consistent single-action trigger pull and is wonderfully dependable. Because the 1911 is basically a defensive handgun, I’m not concerned about tight groups. I don’t bother with expanding hollowpoints that could cause feeding problems. For absolute reliability, I shoot only high-quality ball ammunition. That big .45 slug doesn’t have to expand to be effective.” .
    I'll take his word for it, but if your 1911 will reliably feed hollowpoints then I don't see the problem in using hollowpoints. That being said, if your gun 1911 will only feed ball then feed it well!

    The 230 grain ball ammo has a lot of mass and a slow velocity, now I'm not a ballistics technician, but simple physics says that with its slower impulse it would have to hit some seriously thin tissue for it to pass through with any lethal effects to bystanders, and any round no matter the type will pass through in that case. What I mean to say is that the slower nature of the 230 grain .45 ACP round has more time to shed its energy into the tissue it hits than almost any other bullet out there.

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    Even non-expanded it's already HUGE. I don't have a problem with it.
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    As long as my gun is relaible with JHP, that's what I'll use.

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    I don't have a problem with .45 ball ammo for carry.
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    If that's all I had then so be it. I prefer Golden Saber and Gold Dot in my G-21 and G-36 and have no problems with feeding HP in either of them.
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    Yes, I would use FMJs. Over-penetration would be the last thing on my mind if someone is trying to kill me.
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    I'd hate to be cleared because I fired in self defense, but then convicted because my bullet hit and killed an innocent that was behind the perp. Once again, especially when choosing to carry FMJ, make sure your background is clear or you could end up in the slammer for defending yourself.
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    If you like the benefits of JHP ammo, but want the reliability of ball ammo, take a look at Federals Expanding FMJ ammo.
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    No way!!! no one has ever died or been stopped from a 230 FMJ!!! lol. I carry my choice of a hollow point SD round in my active mag and my immediate backup mag the other dozen I have loaded and waiting have fmj's
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    Nothing wrong with carrying and practiceing with the same amm, and with the ridiculous price on SD ammo these days, in that calber it's a sensible choice.

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