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HK 45c Questions?

This is a discussion on HK 45c Questions? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by fudo And they're grossly overpriced. Dude: They are made in Germany. They are the BMW of handguns....

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Thread: HK 45c Questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fudo View Post
    And they're grossly overpriced.

    Dude: They are made in Germany. They are the BMW of handguns.

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    I currently own a Hk45c which I bought for CCW. Love the weapon, utterly reliable and recoil is nil.

    My only gripe is that the slide is a little too long for me. Saving my $ now for the P2000sk .40 which I will use for CC (currently a thread going on now on HK PRO discussing the size difference….45c vs. "sk"). A few inches can make a big difference!!

    As far as price, you get what you pay for! My .45c has been flawless, which is one reason I will sacrifice moving to another caliber (.40), when I really want to stay on the .45 platform. If the "sk" came in .45, that would've been my initial purchase. Also like the fact that I can carry CONDITION 2…

    Get the Hk45c, you will sleep good knowing you made a sound investment!


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    Quote Originally Posted by fudo View Post
    And they're grossly overpriced.
    They're the arguably the most reliable, well built, and accurate .45 pistol that one can buy. Also, as with any pistol, if the owner actually shoots their guns the price spent on ammo over the life of the gun will dwarf the initial cost of the pistol itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichSteve View Post
    Yes the size is not going to be easy to carry, not much response from owners maybe not many owner out there?
    There are a LOT of HK45C owners 'out there'... perhaps not "here", but it a very popular EDC pistol. Suggest you check out HKPro Forum.

    I've been carrying mine daly for over a year. It is only marginally larger than a G19. I conceal mine easily with an IWB holster and a cover garment; and I am short and fat. If one has the proper physique, this pistol would easily conceal using one of the tuckable IWB offerings.

    The pistol itself is marvelous. Yes, they are expensive compared to the competition. Yes, the magazines are outrageously priced. Glocks and XDs (and now, M&Ps) were made for those who buy on price alone. HKs are for those who desire a bit of panache in their iron, and don't mind paying extra for same.


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    The only part that I disagree with is how great people are saying the triggers are, the ones I have shot are not good by any means. I do agree that they are bulky, overpriced, and reliable though.
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