Does anyone regularly carry TWO steel guns?

Does anyone regularly carry TWO steel guns?

This is a discussion on Does anyone regularly carry TWO steel guns? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering does anyone carry 2 steel guns(whether 2 autos,2 revolvers or one of each)with any regularity? With all the lightweight offerings (polymer and ...

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Thread: Does anyone regularly carry TWO steel guns?

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    Does anyone regularly carry TWO steel guns?

    I was wondering does anyone carry 2 steel guns(whether 2 autos,2 revolvers or one of each)with any regularity?
    With all the lightweight offerings (polymer and alloy) out there I figured there might be a few "ol' school gunslingers" left!
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    On the rare occasion I carry 2 guns, they're both steel guns. Of course I don't own any plastic guns.
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    Just bought a Ruger SP101 .357 that I intend to be the BUG in a crossdraw for my all steel full size 1911, .45 ACP of course, strongside. I'll have some 'splainin to do if ever I get into defensive shooting, but I'll deal with life as it comes at me...better safe than sorry, right?
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    For a long time I carried a stainless 3" Ruger Speed Six along with a 2 1/4" Ruger SP-101. Or a steel frame Colt Officers .45 with the SP-101.

    Now days, it's predominately two polymer framed pistols.
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    I carry 1.5 steel guns while I'm on duty. My primary is a Sig P220R Two tone. Alloy frame, but still a stainless slide. Weighs in at 30.4oz with an empty mag. My BUG is a Sig P229 Stainless Elite, weighs in just over 40oz empty.

    It's a little heavy to carry both, however, I haven't found anything else that shoots as well that I trust my life to.
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    Para Ord P12 or Para Warthog as my primary with an AMT 45 BUG. Both steel.
    I don't trust my P99 enough to use it as my EDC.
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    Since I scarcely have any other types but steel guns I occasionally carry two of them when I see fit to do so. Generally it is a K-Frame .38 Special with a smaller .38 Special snub for back-up. Have also carried a 1911 or Hi-Power with a .38 snub on occasion.

    I like steel and weight and loathe flea-weight alloy and plastic.
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    I tried it for a few days when I carried a RIA Compact tactical inside the pants and a Taurus mod 85 in a pocket holster. Like I said it only lasted a few days, as it was just to uncomfortable to me.

    The RIA has been relpaced with a Colt Defender and the Taurus Mod 85 with a Taurus Ultra light Mod 85.

    Ya the alloy guns aren't as fun to shoot at the range. I put a few rounds (50) through them to make sure they are still reliable. My main purpose for them is to be concealed carry.

    You guys that can do 2 steel framed guns are not going to get any flack from me. Carry what you like and like what you carry.

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    When I carry two revolvers, they are usually all-steel; two SP101 snubbies, or an S&W Model 19 and an SP101.

    When I carry a P229 pistol, it is usually aluminum-alloy-frame, and the second gun is either another alloy P229 or an SP101. I do have a couple of all-stainless steel P229ST pistols, but they are not my usual carry guns. Double-stack mag plus a stainless steel frame is starting to get heavy.

    When I carried 5" all-steel 1911s concealed, 1997-2002, I rarely carried more than one 1911 on my body, and the usual second gun was an Airweight J-frame.

    From 1993 to 1997, I usually carried one 4" GP100, and later one 4" S&W K-frame, plus the Airweight.

    From 1984 to 1993, unless actually at work, in uniform, the only times I carried a second gun were when I carried two stainless-steel J-frames, but I usually toted my duty pistol by itself during this time.

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    The only guy I know that carries two is called "Shorty."
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    Two Taurus models: Model 85CHSS and 605B. Both are steel.

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    When I used to carry everyday (managed a gunstore), I carried my Browning 9mm Hi Power and in my back pocket a little Walther TPH .22---of course, there were several .38 DA revolvers scattered around the store (hidden) and an 870 behind the door---when things got really hot one time, the 870 was my first choice! This was back in the early 90s---today my choice would be my HK P2000 9mm and a Kahr CW9---20 rds of +P+ between them and my Spyderco!

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    • Taurus® Mdl 617SS2 28.8oz 357 Magnum
    • Taurus® Mdl 605SS2 24.0oz 357 Magnum

    Both guns are stainless steel; carry load is Buffalo Bore 158gr LSWCHP 38 Special+P

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    1 semi compact steel frame Baby Eagle and 1 compact steel frame Baby Eagle , both are frame mounted safeties (carry cocked & locked)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawei View Post
    • Taurus® Mdl 617SS2 28.8oz 357 Magnum
    • Taurus® Mdl 605SS2 24.0oz 357 Magnum

    Both guns are stainless steel; carry load is Buffalo Bore 158gr LSWCHP 38 Special+P
    Might want to get a bug!
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