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Help please

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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

    Hey guys I am about to buy a new kahr. Looking at the p9 with nites vs the mk 9. Which one would you buy and why. Hard decision. P9 little bit bigger but weighs much less. not sure I want to pocket carry the heavy little mk9 though. Mk seems like it might hold up better to alot of shooting. LMK your thoughts. Thx Joell33

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    I would choose the P9. The weight reduction wil be immediately noticeable and more comfortable when you carry it all day.

    I own the Kahr PM9, MK9 and P380. The MK9 is a great shooter and extremely comfortable to shoot, but it is too heavy for comfortable pocket carry. You'll feel it when you walk around. IMO, even the PM9 is a little too large for pocket carry depending on the pants you wear. Definitely try them in your pocket before deciding. I like to wear my PM9 in a IWB holster. The P380 is my pocket gun.

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    I own the P9, K9, MK9, and P380.

    The MK9 is probably the softest shooting "2" finger hold type gun. The perception of how heavy it is seems to be due to the how small it is for the weight. Seems like it's a lot of weight concentrated in a small package so it just seems heavier than it is. Still it's heavy for pocket carry. In baggy cargo's maybe you can pull it off but in dockers or dress pants it feels like a heavy brick and it's just a tad large for optimal pocket carry. Same with the PM9.

    PM9 can have quite a bit of muzzle flip for the lightweight with only a two finger hold. If you put a mag extension on it to get your third finger on the grip then you're defeating the whole purpose of getting a PM9 or MK9 in the first place.

    The real role of the MK9 is to give you the most compact concealable IWB type gun for those times when your cover garment is thin/light. But if you're going to carry IWB then you might as well try to get up to the P9 or K9 so you get the extra round and the longer grip.

    The P9 and K9 are great guns; the difference is the weight and how that affects carry and shootability. I get more muzzle flip and feel the recoil more on my P9, especially with +P loads. It's not bad but it's something you'll notice. The K9 is the softest shooting 9mm I've ever handled that wasn't a huge full size service type gun. It's accurage and has the most ergonomic and comfortable grip I've every handled in my life.

    The difference is weight. For all day bumming and working my P9 usually gets the nod but for actual shooting I'd always want the K9. With a good IWB holster and a good stiff gun belt the K9 is the one setup I would choose if I could only have one. Period.

    But since I can have more I do. I use my MK9 at church alot because it's critical to conceal as I teach. I use my P9 when working or running around the yard. For everything else it's the K9.

    My Kahr's have all been excellent shooters, very accurate, etc. It is harder to load their mags a bit and the top round in the extra mag on your belt angles up steeply but this hasn't caused me any issues.

    You'll hear that you have to load the first round by using the slide release and not by sling shotting. Someone forgot to tell me and I've never had a problem but as with any pistol, when you do slingshot you can't ride the slide forward, etc.

    Good luck on your decision.

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    Which one would you buy and why
    I bought the P9 largely on the issue of weight and the full grip. It carries very easily. When I absolutely need a tiny gun in a pocket, I substitute my Seecamp for the Kahr. Although very lightweight, the P9 is soft enough recoiling and offers the full grip that allows for as much practice as you can afford. I shoot a fair amount of higher pressure rounds, mostly NATO ball, to save on ammo expense, and the gun has held up very well. I did install a heavier 22# recoil spring.

    I'm a Kahr fan, owning the larger TP9,a wonderful K9 and the even larger T9, in addition to the P9 that I carry. I've also gone through a P45 and TP45, which I didn't much enjoy, as well as a CW9. I sold the CW and bought the P9 so I could have the gun exactly as I wanted, all black and Mepro sights, which are not available on the CW. Plus I got a killer deal on the P9.

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    The MK9 is a great pistol, but IMO it is a little too heavy for pocket carry.
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    I would say the P9. I own a CW9 and have over 900 rounds through the pistol. I like the full grip and extra round. I have shot the PM9, very nice pistol, and the MK9! The MK9 is a very soft shooting short grip pistol. Because of the weight I would carry it in a belt holster. Either OWB or IWB, too heavy for my pocket. A friend of mine carries the PM9 and I shoot it some when we are at the range. I was surprised at the handling and accuracy of such a light small pistol.

    I will say again, based on my experience with my CW9, I am sure you will discover the P9 to be your pick for carry and a favorite to shoot. Kahr pistols are wonderful handguns.

    -- Richard
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