Bersa Thunder CC FTF?

Bersa Thunder CC FTF?

This is a discussion on Bersa Thunder CC FTF? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to the range today with the wife and a friend and his sister. She is wanting to take our CHL class in a couple ...

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Thread: Bersa Thunder CC FTF?

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    Bersa Thunder CC FTF?

    Went to the range today with the wife and a friend and his sister. She is wanting to take our CHL class in a couple of weeks, but hasn't shot a handgun in a while so we carried 8 or 10 different handguns out for her to try.

    Anyway, short version of it, after some shooting she decided she like her brothers Bersa Thunder CC, fit her hand, she was shooting good with it and that is what she would take her class with.

    Then all the sudden the gun started having failures. FTF. After firing the empty would eject fine, but when picking up the next round it would send the front of the round straight up and the tip of the round would hang on the top outside lip of the barrel. She shot it, friend shot it, we tried 3 or 4 different types of ammo, both magazines. We broke it down quick gave it a quick field cleaning and relubed it, but it kept doing the same thing.

    When we inspected the rounds they had a pretty noticeable flat spot on the tip of the lead where they were jammed into the top of the barrel. The barrel did seem to have a rather sharp inside edge, where the were hanging up. The funny thing is my friend has had this gun for a while and never before has he had any trouble out of it.

    We pretty much eliminated limp wristing, since my friend is a decent sized guy, electrician by trade so hands are not weak, and has been shooting for 30+ years.

    So anyone had this problem show up on a Bersa Thunder. Mine has had zero issues before giving it to my brother. The others that I have shot, or others have shot during our classes have not had any issues except when limp wristed and did not exibit this type of failure.

    Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

    Oh, and she will probably take the course with the wife's G19.
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    with those Bersa's I would say it is the ammo, I had the same issue with my Firestorm, which is the same thing as a Thunder and it started doing the same thing, switched ammo to Federal round ball and no more problems
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    Sorry to read of your problems with the Bersa. I have zero experience with their products so I can't offer any advice other than send it back to Bersa for warranty work.

    The G19 is a good choice for your wife's class though. It should do the job very well.
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    I have read reports of a certain spring in the Bersa Thunder line that is prone to break. Easy fix, I hear. Don't know if that's teh problem. Also, there's a guy in CO who is said the be the Great Guru of Bersa's and works wonders with the Thunders. Can't remember his name but a little research on Thunders will turn it up quickly.
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    Hmm thats interesting. I just put 150 rounds of the cheapest, dirtiest ammo I could buy yesterday and it took it like a champ. Just out of curiosity, what kind of ammo caused the problem? I was using some stuff in an orange box I got at WalMart and some Winchester target loads from a white box.

    If you get it figured out, please update the thread in case it happens to someone else.

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