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Thread: Predict which one

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    Glock 30.
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    Too many factors ... what type clothes he wears, how he wants to conceal, what kinds of guns he's the most comfortable with, etc.
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    i have a g30 and have had no problem. my carry is s colt defender model 90 with ct laser, love it. make your own choice. it's you butt on the line.
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    Sig or 1911, leave the plastic guns to the kids with the orange tips on them, (JUST KIDDING TO TEASE YOU GLOCK FANS). I have respect for Glocks, they are good gun's but NOT my type.

    It's his choice. I suggest going to a range with rentals and shoot about 20 dif. models and make his choice then. Can't really go wrong with any of them.

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    No question for me, 1911 full size, can't be beat.

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    If you offered me the gun of my choice, Sig 220, G30 or a 1911, without specifying which 1911, I'm going with the 1911.
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    Two years ago, about this same time of the year, I chose the XD .45 compact as my 1st carry piece. I liked that I could carry 11 rds in the gun and another 13 in the spare full size mag. It was easy to carry in cold weather with the addition of heavier clothing.

    I looked hard at the Sig 220 compact, but hated the double to single action. I also did not like the fact that Sig's idea of a compact is a shorter barrel with a full size grip. Barrel length is not as difficult to conceal as grip length.

    Then came summer...summer weather in SW Tennessee means wearing as little as possible when it's 95-100 degrees. That's when I bought my 1st Glock, a 27. Not only was it easier to conceal, (even under a colored tee shirt) it was a lot lighter making it much more comfortable to carry. I have since added 3 more Glocks and routinely mix up my carry preference with a 19, 22 or 23. I still occasionally carry the XD .45 Compact, but am always mindful of how much heavier it is.

    All this to say, choosing a carry gun may not always be limited to just one, just as you have 3 in your rotation, he may have to try one and then add more to the list as funds permit.
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    If he's going to carry the gun to fight, then I recommend the 1911.

    I own all 3 platforms, but the 1911 is the easiest for me to bring onto target quickly and hit the target reliably. I love 'em all, but the 1911 is "first among equals."
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    1911 or Sig, you want a good reliable carry gun, get a steel 1911, if u must have one with polymer in it, get a Sig, imho you should advise your friend to carry a real gun, and not some plastic imitation of one. it all comes down to personal preference though, ive had great luck with my XDM
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    My #1 is a Colt New Agent, #2 is the Glock 36.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Too many factors ... what type clothes he wears, how he wants to conceal, what kinds of guns he's the most comfortable with, etc.
    I agree; all play a factor in deciding what Glock to get and how to carry it....

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