Range Report: Glock 26 & XD9SC for newbies like me

Range Report: Glock 26 & XD9SC for newbies like me

This is a discussion on Range Report: Glock 26 & XD9SC for newbies like me within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi Everybody! I realize that showmestate1977 posted an excellent range report on the XD a very short time ago, but seeing that I was trying ...

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Thread: Range Report: Glock 26 & XD9SC for newbies like me

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    Range Report: Glock 26 & XD9SC for newbies like me

    Hi Everybody!

    I realize that showmestate1977 posted an excellent range report on the XD a very short time ago, but seeing that I was trying to decide between the XD and the G26, I thought that I'd run both through their paces and just add my .02 and opinion regarding both fine handguns. Rest assured that I'm not wanting to start any flaming regarding which is better, superior, or more popular.

    I used Remington UMC 115gr shells and used 'range' guns. Obviously, there were no malfunctions whatsoever (being well-used but well-maintained), having shot 75 rounds through each pistol. (I realize that anybody could go to their local range and just write a thread about shooting range guns - this WON'T be a habit! - but I figured that a 'head-to-head' comparison might help those who are possibly contemplating both handguns like me!)

    While my pinkie was left hanging empty on the Glock, the XD fit my small hand like a glove. I instantly felt that the XD seemed like a heavier, more 'solid' pistol than the Glock. The perceived recoil felt noticably less with the XD. I particularly liked the unique safety engineered into the backstrap of the XD. Yet quite frankly, if you want a 'lighter' handgun and the backstrap safety would be redundant to you, the Glock is the way to go!

    Both were accurate and shots from 10 to 25 feet were tight.

    I went into the comparison figuring that I'd walk away a Glock fan, but personal preference swung me toward the XD. Rest assured that I walked away with a respect for both manufacturers.

    Summary: I just had fun testing both and would obviously tell EVERYONE to 'try before you buy'. Like all things I know that it ultimately boils down to personal opinion, feelings & tastes but I hope that this may help anyone who may be considering either handgun.
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    Eric - thank you for that.

    It matters not to me that we had a recent XD review - big thing is every time we have a report on a gun or guns it is from someone different most times.

    Therefore it is fresh info and valid and useful. All these similar threads provide a valuable resource for newer folks when trying to decide - they only have to do a search on ''report'' or''range report'' and there will be a great selection of info.
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    Both are good guns. I use the 12 round magazines in my Glock 26, which already has the extension on them. This allows me to get a full grip, without having my little finger curled underneath. That said, I never had a problem shooting it without the extension.

    I bought a Glock 19 first, then decided to get a 26 as well. I decided that I really liked the Glocks, and figured that I would stick with Glock for my future guns. While I have a nice Beretta 92FS, I liked the Glocks better. And then came the XD. I bought a XD 45 2 months ago, and I have a new love. It seems that it is "Glock Plus". All of the benefits of the Glock, plus, a grip safety, loaded chamber indicator, and a cocked striker indicator, the last 2 can be verified by touch. The grip angle is a little better too, and I find that I shoot the XD 45 better than I shot the 9mm Glocks. I still carry my G26, when I want to carry in my pocket. The XD is larger, and until my custom IWB holster arrives, I need to carry in a fanny pack holster. Living in Vegas, these are a common site, so no -problem, but I don't always want the hassle. To me, Glocks are fine guns, but the XD is great.

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    Nice write up. I to looked at both guns and the springfield just done it better for me. Im not flaming glocks but the springer just felt better in my hand. Its an awesome little pistol. Have a great day.


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    Nice report! Great just to hear more about comparisons and personal preferences. I just got my G26 for about as subjective reasons as any. The XD series has a lot of fans, for good reason!
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    I've carried the Glock 26 for a few years. I find that to add a magazine extension would defeat one of this pistol's biggest advantages, the short grip. For me, when concealing a pistol, it's not the barrel length that gets in the way, but the length of the grip, so that is one of the strengths of the G-26. For those that want a longer grip, I'd simply recommend that they buy the Glock 19.

    A friend has the XD Sub-Compact in 9 mm, and it's a great little pistol. I shoot it very well and would recommend that anyone considering a Glock 26 also try the XD, for it may work out better for them. I've been happy with Glocks for years, so for sub-compact carry will stay with them.

    Now, the XD 45 is another story, I prefer it to the Glock 21 or 36, so I may just own one of those in the future!
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    Good review.
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    I have a SA XD-40SC and a Glock 26. I like the angle of the grip better on the XD. Just personal preference. Just try befor you buy!!!

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    Good review! I now have 400 rounds through mine with NO TROUBLE.
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