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Possible to justify .32 cal for self-defense?

This is a discussion on Possible to justify .32 cal for self-defense? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; nothing wrong with it. my wife like her kel tec p32. easy to carry. she gave me back her s&w model 36 for the p32. ...

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Thread: Possible to justify .32 cal for self-defense?

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    nothing wrong with it. my wife like her kel tec p32. easy to carry. she gave me back her s&w model 36 for the p32. i would load them up with fmj rounds. they will do the job for them.
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    As long as your daughters understand the limitations and proper use of that caliber, it should be ok for them as a stop-gap type pistol. When they have the funds, they should probably go find a pistol that fits them, in a more powerful caliber. But for now, it beats OC.
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    The .32 acp is a very lethal cartridge, and unjustly denigrated. Although I own larger caliber handguns, I most often carry a KEL-TEC p-32 as my daily CCW. I don't feel "under-armed", nor do I cower in fear.

    Your daughters will be well served with .32's. More important than caliber, is their capability to use the weapon.. Take them to the range, and have each fire one box for practice.


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    I don't own a .32, and am not a HUGE fan of carrying .380ACP. But, I carry my wee Keltec p3at when needed. I have a CT grip with laser grip to aide with shot placement.

    People can say whatever they want, but fact is good shot placement with a .32 is CERTAINLY more lethal than throwing rocks.

    CZ builds good weapons.

    And if finances aren't there to get larger caliber / "more appropriate" carry weapons, then it should serve EDC duty until situations change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    In time you can step up to heavier artillery... in the meantime, the girls and you just need to know that the .32 is an "eye socket" gun at close range, and a deterrent or a means to buy time and distance from the threat at more than bad-breath distance. Far better than a police whistle!
    I agree, but that's a small target. I think it's from one of the earlier James Bond movies when he was carrying a .32 and the BG commented on it. 007 responded that he always aim for the eye and never miss...

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    With a little bit of research for proper ammo selection, I think there is no reason to think the ,32 will not perform admirably until they or you can afford to get something with a little more hp.

    I worked for several years as a forensic death investigator at a state medical examiner's office. I can safely say that the bulk of all gun related deaths were .380 or smaller.

    You are going to do the daddy safety check and with practice I think the guns will serve them well and be a gift from ol dad they will cherish.
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    Check out Grizzly Extreme ammo for the 32ACP. Good stuff. Here's what the .44 special looks like:


    I carry a Seecamp in .32 most everywhere. It doesn't replace my PM9, but I comfortable with it when it's my only CCW.

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    [QUOTE=alnitak;1865555]Check out Grizzly Extreme ammo for the 32ACP. Good stuff. Here's what the .44 special looks like:



    I find it hard to believe that a bullet that expands that much is going to have enough penetration.

    In .380, it doesn't, at least according to this:

    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all. Get a gun you will always carry, and add more capability as you grow.

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    Thank you all for your opinions and the facts concerning the pistols and the caliber involved. I've cleaned the pistols up and they look good mechanically. Springs and firing pins in good shape. Too bad the slides are painted (white, no less!!!) instead of being a more attractive finish. As soon as the weather warms just a bit, I'm taking them to the range.

    As for the one comment about my daughters having spouses who should take care of this, you are correct. Money is just real tight for them. Heck, its tight for me too! That's why they don't have tasers or single stack 9's already. And speaking of...the tasers cost as much as a PF-9, P3AT or LCP. What's up with that?

    Anyway, I appreciate your comments and advice.
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    absolutely. shot placement..

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