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Ok guys

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Thread: Ok guys

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    Ok guys

    I posted a week or so ago and recieved some great advice, now I need a little more help. I am looking at purchasing a Kahr p9, the problem I'm having is I cant't decide if my money would be better spent on maybe something not for carry but on something high capacity. I currently carry either a Kimber ultra carry which is 100% reliable or a Ruger lcp ( I know 380) but it works. Just can't decide if i need another option to carry, I also have a bersa 380 and springfield .45 iif I want to carry those. How likely are the elites to start pushing a high cap ban and would that be a better option to pursue? LMK your thoughts Thx Joell33

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    The elites pushing any kind of anti-gun legislation? Bet on it. Suceeding? Let's hope not. I don't see the point of a lot of carry options, a few yes, but several, no. Sure you don't want to give into the hype and get all the high capacity magazines you can get your hands on but, it might not hurt to get some if that is what you want. I don't ever see me carrying with a high cap mag (maybe as a back-up) unless things get really bad.
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    Tht Kahr p9 is a great option. High caps are great, but not always necessary. Given what you are already carrying, you will notice a weight difference and thickness difference concealing a high cap double stack. I EDC a G23, with a 13 round mag. I am 6'3" 285, and dont have much trouble. If you are going high cap 9mm look at the G19, otherwise, the P9 is an excellent little gun.
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    I can't see why the Kahr, which is a nice gun, would fit into your "needs." I understand why you WANT it, but if you want to go 9mm, I'd go for a high cap firearm. I'm Beretta-biased, so I'm thinking something like the 9mm, 17 round PX4, but you could go S&W, Glock, XD, etc. as well.

    I think the high cap limit is unlikely to pass but who knows?
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    NAGR is reporting that there is a Magazine Ban trying to be snuck thru in the Federal Aviation Administration Bill (FAA) right now.

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    Everyone needs a Glock 26, and some G19 or G17 mags to go with it.

    Just sayin'...
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    With respect to a possible hi-cap mag ban or other legislation we all need to contact our Senators and Representatives and let them know how we feel.

    I have and will continue to stay dead on their asses.
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    Buy the P9---great pistol (I have two CW9s, one for me, one for the wifey)---you can always get others later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Everyone needs a Glock 26, and some G19 or G17 mags to go with it.

    Just sayin'...
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    I'm a recent convert to the Kahr sect, having relied on an arsenal of Glocks for carry and recreational shooting. The slimness of the Kahrs cannot be overstated as an advantage in concealed carry and the recoil of these guns (mine, at least: CW9, PM9 and P380) is remarkably minor relative to their size. As for high-cap; the extended mags are IMO a novelty item, would change too many factors (ergonomics, concealment, etc.), and just not necessary for anything but the fun factor. I can't provide a citation, but conventional wisdom indicates most SD shootings involve very few shots fired so the Kahr's "limited" capacity mags really shouldn't be salient. If in doubt, carry an extra mag. Just my opinion, YMMV.

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