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Carry gun rotation, wondering.

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Thread: Carry gun rotation, wondering.

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    Carry rotation....tried it. Not for me. KISS method for me please in my CC area. One CC gun, one IWB holster, all the time.

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    I typically carry a USP45 Tactical OWB at the 4 o'clock position, with a German Makarov as a backup in a 5.11 holster pouch, either in a vest or a jacket.

    I don't really 'rotate', but I'll try different holsters and/or firearms, mostly to review them. I have a big enough collection for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sentioch View Post
    If you have different guns that are more appropriate depending on your particular environment, dress, and activity then by all means carry the most appropriate gun for the occasion...but putting your guns on "rotation" for no reason (ie, 1 month this gun, 1 month that gun) is ridiculous in my opinion.
    This is excellent advice. I used to have 4-5 I'd carry now and then, but soon realized I could practice my ass off with them but just become mediocre with all of them. Different calibers, different sights, different SA-DA triggers, different weights and feel. For me anyway -- I'm choosing one gun to rely on 100% and be as good as I can get with it. Being a crack shot at the range is fun with different units, but when the heat is on, you better be damn good with what you've chosen to carry.

    If I've got to stick something in my pocket because of dress restrictions, generally it will be in a less threatening environment than gassing up at the local Quik Trip on the edge of Cracktown... so not as important but will carry same manufacturer so triggers and sights, etc are same. Example Kahr PM9 IWB and Kahr P380 pocket carry.

    I will guarantee you guys that make a living being accurate shots don't carry around a suitcase full of Glocks, Springfields, Colts, Rugers, etc. and Tiger Woods doesn't travel with 8 different brands of golf clubs either....

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    I currently have two primary carry guns. A Browning Hi-Power 9mm and a HK USPc45. What I would like to have is three of the same gun. I just can't decide which platform I prefer. Having multiples of the same gun would allow me to be consistent in the manual of arms and allow me to easily switch should one need to be repaired or was otherwise out of service. For the last year or more I was carrying the HK exclusively. Lately, the Browning.
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    I believe that familiarity is best also, I have a number of 1911s I will rotate occasionally, but they all work the same.

    That said, I have been working with a Glock 19 and 17, hasn't caused any mental lapses yet.
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    I hate manual safeties...thus, I rotate my carry between my SIG P229, P239, and Kahr MK9..... occasionally throw in my P226, depending on if I want to carry a full-sized gun. I carry them all about the same place (3:00, 3:30)...same with the spare mags...
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    No rotation here, HK P30 .40, all year round, same holster, same belt, and same position.

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    I habe different carry guns for time of year and/or situation. All are carried in the same location, iwb @ 4 o'clock. If I am carrying one for a longer period of time, it is the gun I practice with most, however, I practice with all of the them regularly. I am wearing my Spring Armory loaded champion now, and as the weather warms wil most likely switch to model smith model 66. I also carry a j-frame when a larger gun isn't possible or if I am making a quick run to the store.
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    I rotate my G19, S&W M36, S&W M60, and FNP9. There are others....but these are the ones I use most often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerby View Post
    I see a lot of posts that talk about EDC and back up guns “in rotation”, as many of you are much more experienced than me how does that work for you over all. I love guns (as it seems we all do) and I have several but my carry gun is always the same, and my carry method and location is always the same (2) IWB 1:30 tuckable if a must, or my preferred method OWB at 2:45-3:00.

    In my mind I think the function (safety etc) of my carry pistol is always the same (as it is always the same gun) and there are only two draw methods to practice and be comfortable with.

    Not saying this is the way to go; but I notice most of you vary the gun and the method and was wondering about overall thoughts on the subject????
    I typically carry my 5 shot .357 in my day to day where I live in a low crime rural isolated community. However, when I venture out of it, I carry my hicap 10mm for all sorts of threats when I am out rural or in a city..... sometimes my hicap 9mm if I want to have more capacity in the event of a situation. Most of the time it is the .357 or the 10mm but I also carry the .380 when I need to be discrete. I dress and carry to my situation. I always carry in the same position unless I need to deep six the .380 in a pocket, and I train religiously with them all.

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    Depends on what I'm doing that day when I arm up. If it's a class day I'll take my SP101 and two speedstrips with me and they go in the safe in my car while I'm in class and the 1911 stays home. If I'm going to be traipsing around Atlanta both the SP101 (BUG) and the 1911 (Primary) come along with ammo to match (2 speedstrips for the magnum and an 8 rounder Tripp Cobra mag for the 1911).

    Walking my dog to the park and back during the day I'll equip my 1911 and spare mag, while nighttime calls for me asking to borrow my dad's M&P9 due to the fact it has night sights and I'm exceptionally accurate with it and have no doubt in my mind that I could dispatch a coyote quite handily with the M&P9.

    Around the house I might wear just the SP101 with spare ammo or just the 1911 with the reload, or like now I'll be wearing my full Atlanta loadout as it makes me feel very well protected.

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    I carry based upon what attire, thus what method of carry I will need that day. For shoulder holster carry, the Glock 22 gets the nod, in a Falco shoulder holster. For IWB carry it's the G27 in a TT Gunleather holster. For OWB, in the winter, it's my M&P40 or M&P45c in a Side Guard Slide or Kirkpatrick Leather Texas Strong Side.
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    I believe that ideally, carrying the same primary weapon all the time is best, and even that the best secondary handgun should be a twin of one's primary. Second best is carrying weapons that point the same in one's hands, and that have similar trigger pulls for at least the first shot. The goal is unconscious competence; being able to draw and fire reactively and reflexively without consciously having to think about anything. I reckon that my mixing of SIG DAKs and revolvers is somewhere around second best rather than ideal.

    I also believe that it is possible to be very competent with platforms that are widely different from each other. It is like being able to both drive a car and ride a motorcycle. Both are vehicles, and they are guided (steered) by widely varying principles, but there will be no tendency to get controls mixed-up. This is why I would not hesitate to defend myself or others with a 1911, or an AR15, or a Mini-14, or a pump shotgun. What I will not do is mix short-stroke semi-DA pistols with SIGs; I noticed that shooting a Glock a few hundred times, and then switching to a P229 during a fast-paced shooting class, cause me to flub the first few long-stroke DA pulls. I will also not carry a Browning Hi-Power, because it feels like a DA pistol, and I have forgotten the thumb safety. I have never forgotten the thumb safety when shooting a 1911; a 1911 FEELS like a 1911, and nothing else. There are no more Glocks nor BHPs at my house.

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    All 4 of my weapons serve their own duty. My Model 19 serves has another carry gun if my Sigma ever has to go to the shop, it also is my HD gun and with my new IWB holster, I change up my carry between the 19 and the Sigma. My Sigma is my main carry gun, I carry that ALMOST every day when I'm working.... at my jobs that allows carry. My M&P9c is the gun that I carry when have to tuck in my shirt and have to pocket carry. I also carry it when I'm just going around town. The M&P also is another carry gun if my Sigma ever goes to the shop and/or my snub nose have to go to the shop. My model 437 serves has my BUG gun to all guns listed, or a main gun if very deep CC is ever needed.
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    I have several pistols that are in my rotation. For the most part, all are Sig Sauer DA/SA pistols, I say for the most part because I just added a CZ 2075 Rami BD. All these pistols have the same manual of arms, in that each one is DA/SA with decocker. I've gotten away from carrying any pistol that has an external safety. So for the most part, since I live close enough to a friend that has a nice little private range on his land, I'm able to maintain proficiency by running a few drills with each of the pistols before it goes into the carry line up.
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