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I think the wife is gonna go for it!!!!!!!

This is a discussion on I think the wife is gonna go for it!!!!!!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Fitch Yes. Absolutely true. I've started 4 females shooting with .22LR revolver and semi automatic, and they've all graduated to something more. ...

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Thread: I think the wife is gonna go for it!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitch View Post
    Yes. Absolutely true. I've started 4 females shooting with .22LR revolver and semi automatic, and they've all graduated to something more. My wife ended up with three revolvers when all was said and done - S&W Model 17-1 in .22LR, a 6" barrel 686-1 .357 magnum, and a Ruger LCR in .38SP. My daughter ended up with a Mossburg 500 20ga and a 4" Ruger GP100 .357mag. My sister shoots her daughter's P22 and wants a Ruger LCP, my niece bought a P22 and is saving for an LCP and a Glock 19.

    I started them off slowly, exposed them to the fundamentals and let them come along at their own pace. They are ending up with guns they choose based on their experiences. My wife thought a .22 had recoil when she started, now she's able to shoot full house .357 mag ammo with good self defense accuracy.

    Start with a .22, I try to have them shoot 500 rounds of .22 before they move up to anything more. They develop good habits, and when the time comes they are ready for more.

    Yea thats what im going to do. Her and I made it to a local gun shop today for her to take a look at some fire arms. She really likes a revolver lol. Not sure why, she just does. I got her to hold a Glock 26 but it just didnt fit her hand, she has tiny lil hands. And she really didnt care for it. So I had to let that one slide, was a little upset BUT were making progress and she's wanting to learn how to shoot. Beside's, she's gonna be the one carrying it so it needs to be what she wants. When the weather clears up were going shoot my dad's .22 pistol and teach her the basics, gun saftey and etc. So we leave the gun shop and she kinda gets excited and starts talking about our visit at the store, BOY AM I GETTING EXCITED TO HEAR SHE'S EXCITED LOL! Anyway, were of to a good start and im moving slow with all this so I dont pressure her. But man guys im really excited about this. Who knows, maybe a revolver is the best starter gun for her.
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    I agree that the best call is to let the lady decide for herself. Mine did and came home with a shiny double action only (factory bobbed hammer) Ruger SP-101 in .357 mag. Its a heavy gun which soaks up recoil well, but she can still conceal it. Even with hot .38 special loads the recoil doesnt bother her (she mostly carries .38spl).

    I would personally ignore the advice of Sentioch; he made many uneducated, perhaps dangerously errant statements. Though some of what he said was true, many of the weapon handling methods he mentions should never be attempted due to their negligence and disregard for proper firearm safety.

    I suggest that both of you take an NRA basic pistol safety course; you will probably learn more than you think you will and it will make the little lady feel more comfortable. Defensive training is always a good idea as well!

    Best of luck

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