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Considering a transition to the Ruger SR40 and SR9c from my Glock 23

This is a discussion on Considering a transition to the Ruger SR40 and SR9c from my Glock 23 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you lived closer I'd let you shoot my SR40. I've only had 2 FTEs but this is after having one of my reloads explode ...

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Thread: Considering a transition to the Ruger SR40 and SR9c from my Glock 23

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    If you lived closer I'd let you shoot my SR40. I've only had 2 FTEs but this is after having one of my reloads explode in it and as a result having to change out the extractor. Haven't shot enough rounds through it yet to come to a decision but if it performs like all the other Rugers I own I doubt I'll be disappointed. Now if only people would get the magazines in stock so I can do a couple matches with it I'd be happy, that and when the SR45 comes out which will take the place of my p345 as my EDC.

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    The SR series pistols have some nice feeling grips. Ruger did a great job getting a double stack to feel so thin.

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    like someone mentioned, going from MP to glock, i was a big fan of the glock for a long time, til i found out my finger reach is kinda short for a glock, found the XD which was perfect, then i show both, and i did better with the glock...sooo i got a glock.

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    I've been very happy with my SR9C. No issues and very comfortable for EDC. Currently lusting after the LC9 and SR1911.

    I didn't like the way the Glocks felt in my hand. YMMV.

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    The SR9 is a great gun. I've had mine for almost a year now without a single problem. Don't let the Glockophiles scare you off! But as everyone else has said, shoot it first and see if it is all you have made it out to be. If the gun fits and shoots better for you, why not switch?

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    I own a SR9c and a SR40, both stainless. I have about 1500 rounds and 500 rounds downrange (respectively), without any issues. I like the ergonomics of the Ruger SR series pistols (obviously). My frequent range buddy has a Glock 19. We have often switched pistols at the range. He can keep his Glock, it is a good pistol, but the Glock is uncomfortable to me. To each his own.

    I would recommend Ruger SR series pistols to anyone.

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    Ruger SR40C

    I am new to shooting. I am 62 on disability. It's a tough world out there and i wanted to be prepared. went with a friend and shot an array of his guns. He is a Ruger fan big time. I tried out his LCP, SR9C, SR40C, and his SR1911. I also tried his SR556 with 22LR ammo and his OLDMAN a 1943 M1 Garand (That was a blast). he also had a 1990's Glock ( I think it was a 17?) The trigger pull and reset was really nice, but the gun I really fell in love with was the SR40C... So I purchased one at a gun show and got a really good deal on it with the 10+1 magazine & The Extended magazine... Price wise Vs quality I am really happy.
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    I've shot an SR9c enough to know it's plenty accurate and dependable but I wouldn't start carrying it over my Glock. The two things that I really dislike are the safety and the safety. LOL. Really, I don't want a safety on my carry gun but beyond my objection to it being there, my fingers hit it all the time when I'm racking the slide. I guess I could come up with a different way of doing things but since I train, train, train to do things a certain way with my carry weapon, it's just natural that I'd do things that way with other pistols as well.

    Were it not for the safety, I don't think I'd have any problems with it. I love the way it aims and the sights.
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    I have a SR9 and shoot it accurately. It has a Magazine safety also. If the magazine releases with one in the chamber, the gun wont fire. I removed it in under 2 minutes, when I saw it done on youtube. If it shoots without a problem after a couple hundred rounds I would carry it. I might even get a SR45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apgov47 View Post
    I own and carry a SR9c. You will enjoy it. I had a few minor issues with the gun, but sent it back to Ruger on there expense. It shoots great now.
    i twice sent guns back to Ruger FOR REPAIRS when i called Ruger they said send us the gun and they would fix it. I SENT THE GUN AND THEY FIXED IT but each time i had to pay $50.00 to have it overnighted. So i would really like to know how it was on there expense.
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    Here you go Mike!

    Glock to M&P is to SIXTO as Glock to Ruger is to TN_Mike!

    Counter intervention!!!

    Whatever you decide you will always have the Glock to fall back on if you like and you have justified buying another handgun!

    "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" ~ Mark Twain

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    I too am doing the glock to ruger transition. I still have a glock 22 and I am carrying my SR40C for EDC. So far it has been a great gun. I love the fit and feel in my hand, it carries nicely and it is very accurate. The one problem I have found is their is not a huge selection of night sights available if you decide to change to night sights. Holster selection is less limited but not as great as glock. On the plus the SR9C and 40C are the same size its not so bad. Overall I think you will be more than pleased.

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    Re: Considering a transition to the Ruger SR40 and SR9c from my Glock 23

    Make it happen! Im getting rid of my 23 in favor of an m&p. Finally got tired of being uncomfortable

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    The question is...What doesn't feel better than a Glock?

    Nice bump btw

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    Ruger is a fine American weapon. I CC the SR9C with the 10 round Mag.
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