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This is a discussion on My First CCW within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; [QUOTE=LanceORYGUN;1869464]In your price range, I think that the S&W M&P 45 compact is the best choice. It is really about the ideal size for a ...

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Thread: My First CCW

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    [QUOTE=LanceORYGUN;1869464]In your price range, I think that the S&W M&P 45 compact is the best choice. It is really about the ideal size for a concealed carry 45, and is a striker trigger system gun, just like the Glock. You can even get it with an optional manual safety, if you would like to have one.

    What Lance said,

    I've got a 9c and they are really great pistols.

    Plus I'll throw out there the FN line of pistols, are between $5-600.
    They are kind of big, but on the lighter side than a 1911/w more rounds.
    Very well made, in the USof A

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    What Lance and OneShot said.

    M&P45 compact. It is the ideal size for CC... You can also take a full Size M&P45 mag with a grip extension on it to the range or for home protection, for that extra couple round capacity.
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    Again.....thx for the input all. I decided on something a little bigger than I initially wanted. I couldn't ignore the fact that I wouldn't be comfortable with a weapon for defense if I wasn't comfortable with the weapon. I went with the one that I'm shooting best with and feels best in my hand... the Sig P220. I will still be getting a better holster (Don Hume 715 currently) and MUCH better belt (this stretchy Target thing on my waist now doesn't count). Even with this holster I can appendix carry sitting & standing with little to no printing. At the 3:30-4:30, not so much. The holster has no cant or capability w/out just pushing it sideways.

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