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Recommendations: sub-compact 9mm with external hammer

This is a discussion on Recommendations: sub-compact 9mm with external hammer within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; + 3 on the S&W 3913 . Quite possibly the finest semi auto Smith and Wesson has ever produced, and you can still find them, ...

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Thread: Recommendations: sub-compact 9mm with external hammer

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    + 3 on the S&W 3913. Quite possibly the finest semi auto Smith and Wesson has ever produced, and you can still find them, unused sometimes, for a reasonable price. I have a local dealer that has on NIB for $450 that I"m having a hard time not buying. I gave one up years ago and have always regretted it. Other than that, I'd go with a 1911 or a CZ in 9mm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    ^^this. I agree with this. I have shot one of these and I really like them a lot.
    +1 The Storm SC 9mm is my primary carry weapon. LOVE IT!!
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    i am an old 67 yr. old man ccw with Arthritis in both hands due to being an electrician fo 43 years..i cannot pull the long heavy trigger on todays handguns..don't let my age fool anyone 'cause i still carry my .45 and if the hammer is down,,i know it's we'll have striker fired rifles,,but i'll have my winchester 30-30 and it's got a great hammer..thank you and safe handgunning

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    For a sub compact you can not beat the P250sc for price and reliability and has an external hammer. It is sig quality.

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    No body has said anything about the Sig 938. just bought one. great shooter.

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    Sig p938 for sure.. Slide is very easy to rack btw...

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    Definitely take a look at the SIG P938. SIG has fixed it's teething problems and it's a very nice little single stack 9mm that can be pocket carried. Any 9mm that size will be a bit of a handful but the P938 isn't that bad. It's on the top of my list of guns to get.

    My wife and I each have a P238, it's .380 older brother, and they are great little guns. Fun to shoot, reliable as gravity, very accurate, excellent night sights.

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    H&K P2000sk is a fine weapon. But you will certainly pay for it!

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    After three years, he's probably picked one.
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