First range visit with new M&P9c

First range visit with new M&P9c

This is a discussion on First range visit with new M&P9c within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Took my new M&P9c to the range today along with my SR9c and overall am really happy with it. I put 150 rounds of cheap ...

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Thread: First range visit with new M&P9c

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    First range visit with new M&P9c

    Took my new M&P9c to the range today along with my SR9c and overall am really happy with it. I put 150 rounds of cheap 115gr plinking ammo through it with no mechanical issues as expected. I'd say the M&P had slightly more muzzle flip for me than the Ruger but I was able to get it back on target quickly. I think it's a little better ergonomically than the SR9c but both fit me really well. I do like that the M&P slide release is a little easier to manipulate than the Ruger, plus the thumb safety is larger and more like my 1911.

    My only "issue" is that the M&P shot consistently low at pretty close distances. At 15ft my SR9c hit at point of aim, but the M&P was 2" low. I obviously expect some drop as distances increase but thought this was a little much for being so close. I adapted and adjusted my aim, but wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

    I should also note all shots were offhand and indoors using essentially a modified weaver stance.

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    Happy to hear your new gun ran great. Congrats! The M&P 9c is a gun that interests me a great deal. I have an SR9c and I like it a lot.

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    Thanks for the report! I have been eyeing the M&P for a while. They are pretty cheap here in Mass but they come w/ a heavy trigger.

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    my 40C is dead on, no problems

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    As far as shooting low, The polly guns S&W make are not for a six Oclock hold like I'm use to. I have to cover the center up with the dot's, But a great little shooter IMO ; )
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    Mine seems to shoot relatively ok.

    Can't recall shooting it at 15 feet, but at 25 and out it seems alright.

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    Having shot both, I went with the SR9c for the better muzzle control. In fact, that is exactly why I don't like Glocks - they are way too flippy.

    I do like that the M&P slide release is a little easier to manipulate than the Ruger
    Hang on: the Ruger has no "slide release" as such. Per the manual, you have to pull the slide back to release it forward. Like most others, I've found that after 600-800 rounds or so that the springs loosen enough to allow for the slide lock to be depressed manually, but the part in question is supposed to be a slide lock, and not a slide release.

    This isn't a demerit. The SR9c offers flawless performance in part due to the very strong springs. Yes, eventually you will be able to snap the slide lock down but the manual says to rack the slide back.
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    If you're shooting low at such a close distance, you are likely slightly pushing the gun muzzle forward as you press the trigger. try prepping the trigger and not letting the trigger "stall" where it begins to break. Many of my students have this identical problem with the Full Size M&P40.
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