Glock 30 vs M&P 45C vs Kahr PM45, Which would you Pick and Why?

Glock 30 vs M&P 45C vs Kahr PM45, Which would you Pick and Why?

This is a discussion on Glock 30 vs M&P 45C vs Kahr PM45, Which would you Pick and Why? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking to buy a 45 in a compact frame, I am looking at the Glock 30 or 36, M&P 45C or Kahr PM45. ...

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Thread: Glock 30 vs M&P 45C vs Kahr PM45, Which would you Pick and Why?

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    Glock 30 vs M&P 45C vs Kahr PM45, Which would you Pick and Why?

    I am looking to buy a 45 in a compact frame, I am looking at the Glock 30 or 36, M&P 45C or Kahr PM45.

    Criteria for the gun is EDC AIWB, accuracy for self defense, reliability and durability.

    So what 45 are you carrying and why?

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    Glock 36

    Of the ones you mentioned, I think I would go with the Glock 36 because of its slim size and reputation for reliability. It carries well IWB, which you mentioned.

    You asked which small .45 others carry. I use a Colt Defender with thin Alumagrips because it has been very reliable and accurate for me, and is even thinner than the Glock 36. It gives me 7+1 rounds and has a very good trigger feel.

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    G30...or, as mentioned above, G36. I have both, and carry both.

    They're relaible, accurate, comfortable to carry (especially the G36) and they work well for me.
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    I don't have a small .45, but a G36 is on my must have list
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    I like the G30.It is compact plus has a 10 + 1 ammo count.I also think the G30 is the softest 45 I have ever shot. If I am going to carry a 45 it is the G30.
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    That Colt Defender is a great choice, I personally prefer my Springfield GI.45 Micro -- it's not the most slim, and certainly not the lightest, but boy it sure does go bang when you pull the trigger, without fail.

    But as for the ones you asked about: I love my Kahr PM9, and am still close to considering a PM45. The Glocks are great guns, reliable, light, easy to use and easy to shoot -- and I just can't do it with a pistol that small. A friend was selling a G27 and I was seriously interested in it until I shot it. I just don't like that much of a cannon in that small of a package -- my GI.45 is just enough bigger that I can shoot it and feel comfortable. I honestly would not like to carry, and therefore rely on, a gun that I cannot quickly and comfortably get into my hand and into position to pull the trigger.

    I should add that I use the Pearce extensions on the PM9, and I'm only shooting 9mm out of that, so I've somewhat compensated for the size to cannon ratio.

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    I would say go for the Glock 30. I have a 30sf and love it. I've owned the Kahr PM45 but had issues with it being picky with ammo. My 30sf eats anything I feed it.

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    Another vote for G30SF. It tucks away just fine and is among the most reliable and accurate pistols that I own.
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    I have the G30 and really like it. It's performed flawlessly with every brand of ammo. I consider the G36 from time to time, but in reality, it's only .13" narrower and about 13 ozs lighter when loaded. The weight factor is more important to me than the fraction of an inch in width. But do I want to give up 4 rds to save weight? Not at this point.

    My hands seem to be an inbetween size, and I couldn't feel any difference between the G30 and G30SF. You should handle both as one may be a better fit.

    The M&Ps point more naturally than the Glock, for me, but something initially didn't sit right with me with the M&P and the Glock LEO/Mil discount was tough to pass up when both makes seemed so equal.

    I've never handled a Kahr, so I can't offer any opinion on it.
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    One vote for the S&W M&P45c. Reliable, accurate, not ammo sensitive. I also carry it AIWB.
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    The PM45 is the easiest and most comfortable to conceal.

    The G36 probably next so, but both it and the PM45 carry a couple fewer rounds.

    G30 carries the most ammo, but is the fattest.

    I'm partial to the M&P guns, so that is probably my choice as the best compromise.
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    Well, shot my friends Glock 30 yesterday---shot well, about what you expect from a Glock---recoil was a little "snappy"---but again nothing I couldn't deal with. I own the slightly larger P45 (I have a larger hand and prefer it over the PM45)---Recoil on the P45 is "noticeable"---that little gun barks! It has been reliable, shoots to point of aim, great trigger etc. I have never handled or shot the small S&W .45. I think they're all good---take your pick and practice with it.

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    Glock 30 because you can carry glock 21 backup mags for it and increase reload capacity.

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    If I was going to carry AIWB, it would be a gun with an external hammer that I could control while reholstering. As I'm sure you know, an AD while reholstering AIWB places you at high risk of catching a bullet to the femoral. I would want an additional layer of safety to stave off that threat. Failing that, I would choose a gun with a manual thumb safety, which means the M&P. Of the three, that is what I would choose, and I would equip it with an apex DCAEK. I had that trigger setup in a M&P9FS and it was easily the best striker fired trigger I have ever shot, and it beat out most traditional SA triggers as well. Throw in the apex RAM to further improve the reset and you would have an easily concealable, reliable, accurate, and easy to shoot package for a very attractive price.

    I would strongly recommend looking into a HK45c as well. They are probably the most well built and reliable .45 available today, and have accuracy that has been shown to meet or beat full house custom 1911s. In addition, they have an external hammer that could be controlled during reholstering and have a wide variety of trigger setups to suit your needs.

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    S&W M&P45c
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