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Need a CCW (Kahr vs Glock)

This is a discussion on Need a CCW (Kahr vs Glock) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Excellent graphic. The Kahr is much more comfortable and concealable. The Glock is the superior weapon in every way. I carry both, one as a ...

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Thread: Need a CCW (Kahr vs Glock)

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    Excellent graphic. The Kahr is much more comfortable and concealable. The Glock is the superior weapon in every way.
    I carry both, one as a primary, one as a back up.

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    For me the answer is BOTH! In the summer I carry the Glock 26 IWB in a holster of my own making which easily conceals under a t-shirt. If I can wear a cover garment I can carry a G19. I then carry a Kahr PM9 in my pocket as a bug. If I need ultimate concealability I go with the PM9 in one of my IWB rigs. I can put the gun on and tuck my shirt in and even if you are looking for it you can't tell it is there. I use a j-hook that engages on the bottom edge of the belt. I am thinking about using velcro to attach the the holster to my belt.

    I've gone back and forth on the Glock vs Kahr thing for a long time. I've decided that 9mm is the caliber for me. I shoot it well and like the additional capacity and manageable recoil. I had a Gen 3 G26 and G17 and I sold them a couple of years ago. When the Gen 4 Glocks came out I checked them out and bought a G26 and a G19. With Blue Label program that Glock provides I picked these up for $441 each. I then attended the Glock Armorers Course and that adds another plus to the Glock. If I am dressed casually I can carry the Glock all day long with no problems. If I have to dress up a little the Kahr is the way to go!

    I cleaned up the action on my G26 a little and added a - connector and it is definitely nicer than the stock 19. So far it has been 100% reliable which is the only non negotiable factor that I require from a gun.

    My Kahr 9mm has been 100% as well. The only problems that I've had with a Kahr were in .45. I had some slide locking to the rear in the middle of a magazine with a Kahr PM45. I shelved that gun after that happened. When time is available I will go back and trouble shoot that pistol but I'm not sure I will ever carry it. My Kahr 9 is a trusted carry gun. It has taken the place of all my smaller guns. I've found that if I can carry a .380 I can carry the PM9.

    I've got a P45 as well that I absolutely love! It is the most accurate and "shootable" plastic gun I own. Recoil is a bit extreme but I don't think that would be an issue.

    Bottom line is I can ALWAYS carry the Kahr PM9 (and do!) either in my pocket or IWB. If I am able I augment that with a Glock 9mm, either the 26 or the 19.
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    I have had both. I liked both. I sold my G27 because I never carried it. If I'm going to carry a wide body gun I take my G19. If it's summer or I'm worried about printing I carry my CW9. Kahr makes a nice product.
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    I changed holsters for the XD, and it solved any issues I had .... it's a piece of cake now.

    But .... to your question ..... absolutely a KAHR over any Glock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    I changed holsters for the XD, and it solved any issues I had .... it's a piece of cake now.

    But .... to your question ..... absolutely a KAHR over any Glock.
    what holster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kudzu View Post
    To ME, the two most important criteria for concealed carry are weight and thickness, height and length less so. Those considerations, of course, vary depending on how/where you intend to carry. I carry IWB at 5:00 o'clock and a Kahr P9 works perfectly for me.
    And to me, the two most important criteria for concealed carry are reliability and accuracy. The Kahr is .90 inches thick; the G26 is a whopping 1.18" . I carry my G26 in a UBG Canute, it tucks in very well; that lil bit if extra thickness is nuthin' compared to the number of times I've had rounds nosedive in a Kahr. Kahr mags suck, IMO.

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    I have a Glock 26 and a Kahr cm9 so fairly similar to what you are considering. I only carry the Kahr if I need to pocket carry. If I can hip carry, it is the Glock all the way. The 26 disappears IWB in a CBST or a VMII. I prefer the Glock as it is more reliable and a better shooter for me, YMMV.

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    I hesitate to even post in this thread as I see it is over 2 years old but anyway, here's my 2 cents. My experience with Kahr pistols is very limited and only deals with a friends PM40. This particular pistol was accurate, had a smooth trigger, and handled the 40 S&W quite well for such a small pistol. However, it was not reliable at all with several different experienced shooters and had to be sent back to Kahr 3 times. My friend did not even shoot it after he got it back the third time. He just sent it down the road. I understand this is as small a sample size as you can get but it was enough for me to question the reliability of this particular Kahr model.

    So my choice would be a Glock without hesitation, even though I know the Kahr would be a little easier to conceal and carry.

    Having said all that, for the price they can be had for, I may eventually pick up a Kahr CM9 in the future. If it functions well and is accurate it would surely have a place in my carry rotation.

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    Another person that has both here, and would have no qualms carrying either. Kahr carries much more comfortably, but the Glock is a combat pistol. Glock 26 with 10+1 versus the Kahr with 6+1, really just depends on your needs.

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