Old S&W revolver

Old S&W revolver

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Thread: Old S&W revolver

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    Old S&W revolver

    Anyone carry a Model 36? Dad gave me his a few years ago, and it was his dad's before that. Talked with a S&W collector, and we've determined it was made sometime in the 1950's (3-screw frame and pinned barrel).

    While my primary will be my XD40sc, I've debated making this a special occasion gun, when something smaller (OK, relatively speaking) and more discrete might be needed. Also going to try to get the wife interested in at least shooting, and, if she wants, get her CWP. If she does, I imagine this would be her primary carry.

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    I do indeed. Mine is not as old as yours, but is still pretty old. It is the only gun I carry for defense. Nice trigger, and very convenient. Beautiful bluing.
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    S&W M36 - a Classic!!!

    The M36 J-Frame is one of the classics I still have on my wish list...

    I have her Grandchild in the S&W M637 AirLite...

    A Great Carry piece and rock-solid performer...

    and You are not under-served when you carry her!

    Semper Fi ~

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    I have an old .38 special K Frame I inherited from my father. I believe it's the one he shot marksmanship comp with in the military. I need to research it some more when I get off my lazy butt as to exact model and year. Everyone who has tried it is amazed by the super smooth action, those old Smiths are smooooth! I'd love it if my new S&W J Frame could even come remotely close to that old action! It's really got to be a special occasion gun (as in a special day at the range) with it's 6" barrel though. Cherish that piece and use it well, it's probably a better action than you will ever find new!!
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    I carry J Frames on occassion, especially when I carry a BUG or I'm in a Border City at night and I'm carrying my 1911, my Glock 19 and a J-Frame. My best friend was involved in a shooting when a Mexican Gangester tried to carjack him in a border city. Four center mass ended that bubba's career, most muy pronto. My friend said he did not have time to get a sight picture, use proper breath and trigger control, although the grouping on his shots was helped by the distance being only about one foot.

    The Gangester's Momma said he was a good boy.

    Jungle Work

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    My model 36 was my primary carry gun during my backpacking days. It’s been all through the Red river Gorge and the Smoky Mountains. I still carry it camping, although I have graduated to an RV (older and lazier), Still my favorite gun after all these years!

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