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Seecamp LWS32

This is a discussion on Seecamp LWS32 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have a Seecamp LWS32. I might be looking for a deep concealment/BUG pocket gun in the near future. I currently have a Kahr ...

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    Seecamp LWS32

    Does anyone have a Seecamp LWS32. I might be looking for a deep concealment/BUG pocket gun in the near future. I currently have a Kahr PM40 that has been back at the factory for the past month. The slide kept staying back with rounds still in the mag. Seeing as I have only put 100 rounds or so through it I will give it a 2 to 3 hundred more rounds to become 100%. I love this gun, especially the fact that I have such a large round in such a small package, but won't settle for anything less than 100%. It kind of bothers me that it has to have 200 rounds before it is broken in. Today we should be able to make a $500 piece of machinery that works out of the box.

    That being said, I've started to look for other guns than might fill this niche. Maybe somewhat prematurely, but it's never too early to consider your options. I have already had a bad experience with a Kel-Tec P3AT, so I want to stear clear of KT. The NAA guardians are a little too heavy. The Rohrbaugh R9s are too pricey for me, currently. And I find the J-Frame snubbies to be a little too big for the job. That leaves me with the Seecamp. I know there are others but this is the one I like best.

    I handled one at the local gun store today and it seemed to be built like a tank, even a little overbuilt. The tolerances were very tight. This really turned me on to the Seecamp line, because I don't want to end up with another gun that isn't 100% and to my knowledge have never heard of any complaints about Seecamps reliability. The mag was a little difficult to remove, but I figure this is a 1 mag kind of gun anyways. And I know I won't accidentally disconnect the mag. The price is fair at $409, considering I've heard of them going for twice that in other places. It is quite a bit smaller than the Kahr and I'm sure all day pocket carry would be a breeze. With the Seecamp I'd be able to carry no matter what the attire.

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    Just FYI

    The little Seecamp 380 is designed for occasional shooting only.
    It was designed to be shot only a little bit and carried a lot.
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    Larry Seecamp has many avid followers and despite being a pricey piece, many swear by it.

    QK is right and I'd say that most diminutive pocket carry semi's are in same category - having been designed down to a bare minimum for size. Establish good function then carry - with occasional practice and scupulous maintenance.

    Chances are if you didn't like it resale will not be too problematic.
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    To me, the price looks good enough to try it as P95 said, you can always resell it.
    I have never heard anything bad about a Seecamp and would try one out if given the chance. Please let us know what you decide and your experience with it.

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    If you found a seecamp for 400 bucks buy it. Thats dirt cheap for one of those. And yes, they are supposed to be tougher than nails.

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    Once you own a Seecamp,'ll want to own a few Seecamps!!

    Here's my LWS32 in a few favorite Holsters I own...

    The LWS380 I have on order should arrive around December!!
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