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Thread: Switched

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    Carried a 1911 years ago and wanted a bit more capacity and something that was easier to strip and clean. Went to a Glock 23 and have never looked back.
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    Did not see an option for keeping the 1911 in the rotation but using other pistols on occasion. Depending on dress I will still carry the Kimber. On other occasions I will switch between my Kahr CW9 and/or my SW 642.
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    I will always have my 1911s but am currently looking to pick up a light weight snubby for those times when carrying around over 30 oz of gun just inst desirable.
    The 1911 is an antiquated weapons system but then again, so am I.
    Retired SF(SP) CMSgt 1979-2005

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    I love the way a 1911 feels and shoots.

    BUT: I only purchased one for carry purposes. It was a Springfield Ultra-Compact with the V-10 porting. Lovely pistol, but never came even close to being reliable. I regretfully let it go, and have stuck to other formats since then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    The M9 has replaced this generations 1911, and it will become the next generations favorite.
    Newer shooters not emotionally attached to the history or sentimental value of the 1911 are looking at other designs, and choosing them over it.
    So, just like the SAA 45, which was actually fired a more potent round, was displaced, so eventually will the 1911.
    I think that's a good insight. I'm not quite 30 and have half a dozen friends who are gun owners. Not one of them has a 1911 nor shows much interest in it, though one of them did just purchase the M9. Being a history major I'm a fan of the 1911 and will someday own when when I can afford a nice one, but I think demand for them will slowly go down over time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief1297 View Post
    I will always have my 1911s but am currently looking to pick up a light weight snubby for those times when carrying around over 30 oz of gun just inst desirable.
    The CW45 weighs under 20 oz. - give it a look.

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    I started carrying a 1911 that I owned long before I had a CCW, tried all the new polymer guns when they became popular but didn't care for the bulk (width wise). For a while tried pocket carry with a snub revolver when that was the new craze, tried the tiny pocket pistols, always ended up looking at the 1911 in my safe when I geared up and eventually came back to it. I don't always carry a 1911 but its a good 90% of the time these days its a officer size in an MTAC.

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    None of the poll choices really apply. I did switch from using 1911s 24/7 for duty and carry, mostly because drawing a 1911 from my then-mandated duty holster was a perfect storm of events that resulted in my skinny hand not engaging the grip safety well enough, even a modestly extended grip safety. The draw angle and ride height, plus my short waist and long monkey arms, meant my arm and wrist were bent into a radical chicken-wing at the start of the draw, and that plus the two release devices caused me to have a bad initial grip on the weapon. I know the Safariland SSIII/070 holster has saved LEOs from gun snatches, but it keeps the 1911 from being a usable duty pistol for me.

    With a lower holster ride height, a sane draw angle, no "level three" release to worry about, a slightly extended grip safety, and the trigger guard being undercut a bit, a 1911 is still fine for me, and I still have one, a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special. My present duty pistol is a SIG P229R DAK, and I choose to carry the same autopistol system on my own time as I do at work. The TRS usually stays in hibernation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    No kidding here, I litterally went thru about 15,000.00$ in about 4 years. I really wanted to like it and make it my auto pistol carry gun, but they just did not suit me. I had a custom by Vickers, Brown, and more, and a slew of over the counter models. To me they are too heavy for daily carry, and sometimes not reliable enough. The capacity did not bother me. If I were to get another, it would be a plain old base model Colt.

    The endearing qualities of the 1911 to me are the flat design and classic look. For me, price is not important, if it is worth it, but in my opinion, there are too many good designs in pistols out there that cost much less and work much better. The CZ 75, Sig, and Glocks are those that come to mind.
    So I was just wondering what handgun you carry now? How much did you get for that Vickers you had? I had one and sold it for $2000.What a fool I was.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I went from Sig to 1911. I won't ever look back, much less go back. I would NEVER own a Glock, unless someone GAVE it to me, and I would only carry it to the LGS and trade it toward another 1911. Most gun fights end in 5, so my 7+1 are ample for me. I understand some of you NEED 13 - 17, and that's fine, I'll just get it done in 7 or 8. LOL JUST TEASING!! The slim profile, the grip angle, all of the things about the 1911 just work for me.

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    1911 period

    No way I'd carry anything but my Government model Colt 1911-A1. It fits me right, carries easily, and offers me piece of mind. I can't ask for more than that.
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    None of the options fit me. For several years I have carried only Glocks, either 21 or 27. I bought my first 1911 this year. It worked perfectly during a trial period, and I have been carrying it lately, but will switch back to Glocks readily; particularly the subcompact 27 if I'm in a non-permissive environment (like being with anti-2A relatives).

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    Have tried others, but keep coming back to the 1911.
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

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    I went from a 1911 to an H&K P2000 to a Glock 23. The 1911 is for whitetail now.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

    NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, World Drifter

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    When I was 21 and I first got my Carry Permit I bought a Springfield with a 5-inch barrel and I carried it all the time in a Galco IWB holster. I still have the pistol but the Glock 30 SF I bought recently makes it hard for me to justify carrying the 1911. More ammunition and easier for me to carry. I bought several Glocks in the last couple of months and I find them to be fine weapons. Ugly but fine weapons. As for nostalgia towards the M9 I hated it with all my heart when I was in. I have been recently informed that I should have hated the magazines and not the weapon, but I could not get over the amount of jams I have had with the M9. I prefer constant trigger pulls anyway, whether it is single action or double action I like to have all the shots with the same trigger. I am however really considering getting a SIG 220 SAO.

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