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Thread: Switched

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    how many of you used to carry a 1911 I mean like for years and then got up one day and said it was time for a change.
    Made that change and never looked back and why?

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    I did many years ago. Wanted something with more capacity so i went with A G17 then a G29. I am now wanting lighter weight so I carry a revolver. Imagine that.

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    Too much weight for me personally and too much bulk for my line of work.
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    No did not do this, Glock does not make a 1911, although I love the classic 1911 for me it is a range gun and not one I would want in my hand during a fight..

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    Glock = more rounds, lighter, super reliable. I didn't wanna but I couldn't help myself.
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    I switched from a full size SA 1911 Loaded to a SA XD45 tac, same barrel length, similar grip angle, way more capacity.
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    Carried a 1911 in .45 acp for a few months before I decided on a more reliable, higher capacity, lighter, smaller GLOCK 19. My 1911 wasn't very reliable, I realize some are, but mine wasn't.
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    Went from 1911 to Glocks.
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    I actually did the opposite. I went from a CZ 75 P-06 .40 cal to a Dan Wesson 1911 CBOB. Both are ultra reliable and the edge on accuracy goes to the DW.
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    Tried a few Glocks just to see why they are worshiped so much, don’t care for the trigger and overall ergonomics. Will stay with the 1911 although I do occasionally carry a revolver just for something different.
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    No kidding here, I litterally went thru about 15,000.00$ in about 4 years. I really wanted to like it and make it my auto pistol carry gun, but they just did not suit me. I had a custom by Vickers, Brown, and more, and a slew of over the counter models. To me they are too heavy for daily carry, and sometimes not reliable enough. The capacity did not bother me. If I were to get another, it would be a plain old base model Colt.

    The endearing qualities of the 1911 to me are the flat design and classic look. For me, price is not important, if it is worth it, but in my opinion, there are too many good designs in pistols out there that cost much less and work much better. The CZ 75, Sig, and Glocks are those that come to mind.

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    NE Ohio
    Yes. I started with a S&W 1911Sc Commander length and a Colt New Agent. I switched to a SIG P220 Carry SAS. I switched because of the DA/SA trigger pull of the SIG. I loved the SA trigger of the 1911, but I just didn't practice enough to always remember to swipe the safety in a stress fire situation.

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    Georgia, USA
    I bought a Ruger SP101 to supplement my 1911, but not replace it. If I'm going out in just a t-shirt then the SP101 rides OWB, but if I'm wearing an undershirt with a cover I wear the 1911 and sometimes with the SP101 riding along AIWB as a BUG depending on where I'm going.

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    I have TWO favorites that I keep trading off with, the 1911 and the Springfield XDM-40. I'll carry one for a while, and then go to the other. So far I haven't had a problem with the different manual of arms between the two. Still, I won't deny a bit of worry that I'll forget to swipe the safety off the 1911 if push comes to shove. But I love my 1911, and I love my XDM.
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    I started out with a .40 Browning Hi Power then went to a glock 23 and now a Colt Defender.

    The Colt Defender and my LW Snubby are my prefered carry pistols. That said I'm going to break the glock out and give it another try. As mentioned I'm worried about flipping the safety off under stress and like having the extra capacity.

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