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Mini-Micro-Subcompact, Supertanium Lightweight

This is a discussion on Mini-Micro-Subcompact, Supertanium Lightweight within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, for me it is concealability and then comfort. I can tuck my PM9 into a crossbreed (or smartcarry, but frankly, the crossbreed is more ...

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Thread: Mini-Micro-Subcompact, Supertanium Lightweight

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    Well, for me it is concealability and then comfort. I can tuck my PM9 into a crossbreed (or smartcarry, but frankly, the crossbreed is more comfortable to me) and wear it all day long without hardly noticing it. I can also tuck my G19 in a crossbreed and wear it all day long... but I notice it MUCH more and I worry about the bulge more. It is simply not as easy to conceal.

    With the PM9 having 6+1 and a spare 7 mag in the pocket I have 14 rounds of 9MM +P goodness on my person.
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    My EDC is a compact 1911 in a tuckable IWB holster similar to a supertuck. When I use it tucked, it is harder to get to, but I can take my coat off (especially in church) and you can't tell it's there. Admittedly, I am a big guy and can carry the weight of an all steel 1911, even a compact one is heavy.
    I think the rise in sales for the smaller guns is also because when they came on the market, people who had never bought a gun, suddenly wanted one. Many current gun owners bought the smaller guns, but I think far more were bought by those who had never bought a gun. This was a new, previously untapped market and these pocket guns caught on big time. Smart marketing move.
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    I think that many people are new to carrying guns, or guns in general, and being small, lightweight, and generally more concealable appeals to them more as someone new to guns.

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    For myself, I see a pattern of where I started with full-size range guns, then when I started to cc, bought cheap holsters and came to the conclusion that the guns were too big. So then came the mini's, subs and micro's. As I honed my craft and learned about better holsters and belts, I came back to cc'ing the big boys again. Although the mini-sub-micros still come in handy as backup.
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    This has been a much more interesting thread than I envisioned, mainly due to all those that have been good enough to contribute. Thank you.
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