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3 months with the SP101 - Gear Update

This is a discussion on 3 months with the SP101 - Gear Update within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by zacii Where did you go to get order info? There's a sticky/announcement in the gun smiting forum on rugerforum.net that states they ...

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Thread: 3 months with the SP101 - Gear Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    Where did you go to get order info?
    There's a sticky/announcement in the gun smiting forum on rugerforum.net that states they are sold out but will make announcement (sometime near spring) when they are available again.
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    Great writeup. I love my wheelgun and arrived there pretty much in the same way.

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    Hey Rollo I have nearly the same gun you have minus the front sight. I love my Badger boot grips and carry mine in a smartcarry holster everday.

    I was considering looking at some IWB holsters though. I've read alot on the internet about them but have never tried one personally. It just seems like trying to squeeze something like a pistol between my waistband and body would be terribly uncomfortable, and I'm not too heavy set of a guy, 190/5'11".

    I've read that the crossbreed are extremely comfortable to some, can you attest to that?

    I would LOVE to see some pics with you wearing the holster with SP101 intact. You may just sell me on one of those.

    I'd also like to see a close up of your front sight as well if you have a chance.


    Lovin this Ruger!!!

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    Chiel1297: This may be too late for you to read, but why am I the only (?) one who thinks my SP101 in .327 mag. is a great cartridge? The Ruger hold SIX rounds and I find the 32 H&R mag. a really good round. Any comments, SP101 lovers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexster View Post
    Congratulations on staying with the SP101 this long. I think some folks don't give this chunky beast a long-enough trial period for it to become comfortable.

    As for speedloaders, honestly, with the SP101, I don't use them, except for the Ruger "factory speedloader" made of stainless steel: a second SP101, perhaps even a third! I think Mas Ayoob popularized the term "NY Reload" after interviewing the Jim Cirillo for a magazine article. The late, great NYCPD gunfighter carried three revolvers, and indicated in his interviews for his recent bio that he seldom used speedloaders. I reckon what worked on the mean streets of 1960's-'70's NY is good for 21st-Century urbanized Texas; indeed, Texas Rangers were carrying multiple revolvers as far back as the 1830's.

    To be clear, I do use speedoaders for other sizes of revolvers, but the body of the loader tends to bind against the SP101 grip, and I don't want to grind away any amount of recoil-reducing cushioning. (I use factory grips.) I like Speed Strips; while not speedy for a complete reload, they are a very fast way to load two.

    +1 to carrying a fixed blade with a snubby! At the mid-tech level, between production and custom, I favor the Shivworks Clinch Pick and Disciple.
    Regarding fixed blades, I've been a fan for many years. I put up some pics in the EDC thread in the knife section if you guys are interested.

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    The SP-101 fills the small gap between the J and K frame. Great guns, just a bit big for pocket carry.

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    Great stuff Rolo,
    I carry a Ruger SP snubbie too!
    I carry speed strips... not nearly as fast as speedloaders.. but I actually carry them! (after a fair amount of practice.. I can reload 4 rounds fairly rapidly)
    I use two holsters. AKJ Concealco IWB and Crossbreed Qwikclip. Both have their advantages and disadvantages...

    The shape of the snub makes it work for me. It conceals just behind my hip, and with Badger boots on it, the grip is short enough to conceal nicely.

    The badger grips do sting a bit, when firing .357 mag, but for defensive purposes, they are fine.
    I tried some different brands and various grains of ammo, before deciding on: Buffalo Bore .38+p 158 gr LSWCHP GC. These rounds are over 1000fps out of a snub.
    Speer short barrel Gold Dot 158 gr 357 mag. These rounds are stout, but manageable.
    I use some .38+p for range practice, but prefer to stick to .357, as that is my carry ammo.
    I do not understand how some people can actually shoot (with any accuracy) some of the airweight style revolvers, in .357 magnum.

    The SP is heavy, but that is what makes it great for .357 mag.
    Mine will be going off to Gemini Customs one of these days.

    I occasionally miss my Subcompact Glock, but the real deal is steel!

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    Great gun, I love mine Use a milt Sparks summer special or remora most of the time, Latly I have been favoring Hayesleather have a Patriot OWB

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