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This is a discussion on G26 recoil spring within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by LanceORYGUN I have a DPM Systems Guide/Springs set in my G17, and it works very well: They have a more compact design ...

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Thread: G26 recoil spring

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceORYGUN View Post
    I have a DPM Systems Guide/Springs set in my G17, and it works very well:

    They have a more compact design for smaller guns like the G26. I have one of these compact models in my Walther PPS. This is what it looks like:

    Here is a photo showing the standard factory G26 Recoil Spring Guide unit on the bottom, with the compact system from DPM systems for the G26 above it. There simply is no comparison in terms of quality of materials.

    For info, look here:

    DPM Systems Advanced Recoil Reduction System - Mechanical [DPM-MECHNICAL] : The Shooters Box, Firearms and Accessories Online Store
    I have one of the DPMS guiderod/spring assemblies in my G26.

    I think it reduces the felt recoil a little for +P defensive rounds. I shoot a max load in my G26 to make the power floor for IDPA with the short barrel. I notice the difference between the DPMS and stock springs when shooting that load, and it may be easier on the gun shooting those loads (which feel just like the COR-BON DPX defense loads). That said, the felt recoil isn't bad to start with.

    On the down side, the spring isn't legal for idpa matches. The biggest downside to it is that it makes manually cycling the slide to lock it open enough harder that my wife can't do it. She's fine with the stock spring but can't do it with theDPMS spring.

    DPMS issued a recall on the spring retention cup for their assembly. I sent them an e-mail confirming mine had the defective cup. They sent a replacement within a few days. Good on them for standing behind their product. I don't see why it will last any longer - the primary failure mechanism is cyclic spring fatigue.

    If I didn't shoot the gun in IDPA I might get a tungsten guide rod for it, but frankly I shoot it so well with the stock assembly I'm not convinced the heavier guide rod would be an improvement.

    I'd recommend buying a spare factory guide rod/spring assy and sticking it in the range bag. That's what I'm going to do.

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    My factory Glocks stay factory. I spend my money on more ammo instead. Just me..
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    I have had a failure of the factory recoil assembly on my G26. It was the "clip" that holds the larger diameter outer spring in place. The lip that is supposed to keep the spring in position bent enough to allow the spring to slip past it.

    Look at the pictures posted earlier in this thread, and you will see the "clip" I am referring to about half way down the length of the recoil spring assembly.

    I replaced the entire assembly, have not changed the type of ammo I was firing or my shooting habits, and have not had a problem since; so I have concluded that Glock quality control missed this defective part.
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    I've never replaced the recoil spring with anything other than the factory part.
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