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Could use some advice, SIG guys.

This is a discussion on Could use some advice, SIG guys. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have both P226's and P229's and love them both but the P229's for what ever reason feel better in my hand. I shoot IDPA ...

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Thread: Could use some advice, SIG guys.

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    I have both P226's and P229's and love them both but the P229's for what ever reason feel better in my hand. I shoot IDPA with both and you really can't go wrong with either one. BTW I prefer 9mm to .357 Sig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by multistage View Post
    I have had carry permits in several states, and have recently obtained one in a state that I NEVER thought would issue them without a mile of red tape and lots of money. This particular state (my home state) is now a shall issue state. A move in the right direction. While I have usually had a carry permit, I have not taken it seriously. By that I mean I would strap on a firearm and go, but never really practiced for an event that I hope will never come. That stops now. It is high time to take the initiative and get the skills that I have developed with a rifle, but never a handgun. I have carried several 1911 platforms, a few Hi-Powers, a 92 and 96, and my current carry gun (the only one I have that could be considered adequate) is a Beretta 85F 380. It is a nice carry gun, and as I build my own holsters I have it set up to carry very well. I will soon get another handgun. This will be a SIG, either a 226 or a 229, probably in .357 SIG, but maybe 9mm. The local gun store has a 226, but not a 229, so I cannot compare. I remember holding a 229 several years ago, and it felt nice. I guess I need to know the pros and cons of both guns. Other than one is 1/2" shorter than the other, is there really a difference? What do you guys think of the 357 SIG cartridge? This will be used for carry and IDPA competition. Any input will be appreciated. Many thanks.
    I own both. My 226 is in 9mm and my 229 has both caliber barrels.

    I carried the 229 for years with nary a problem.

    If this is going to do double duty as a CCW and an IDPA gun, I would evaluate what your priority is. If it is carry, I would go with the .357 hands down for effectiveness. If it is primarily for punching paper, I would go with the 9mm for economy.

    You also mentioned the P232. I have the P230 which is the same gun without some upgrades.

    Caliber and weight and recoil are fine academic discussions, BUT carrying a 232 versus not carrying the 226 or 229 because it is too heavy or bulky, is a realistic scenario. The .380 is definitely better than harsh language and the gun you have with you is the gun you will use and is better than the cannon you left at home. YMMV
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    I did ALOT of research a few years ago when I decided I wanted something a little more "modern". I've been carrying either an Officer's Model 45acp in warm weather and/or a 10mm Delta Elite for over 15 yrs, (yes, full power loads), in the colder months.

    After all my reading/research, I choose the .357Sig and since I always wanted to own a Sig Sauer, it was a no brainer when I came acrossed a CPO P229R. I love this weapon & round!!!! Most accurate and reliable out of the box gun/caliber I have ever owned!

    I very rarely carry either one of my 1911's, (the Officer's model does get some time when the weather gets really hot).

    To be honest, if you are concerned about ammo prices, then the 9mm will serve you well for defensive purposes if loaded with a modern SD load. To be even more honest, I would trust my life with that 9mm before a 40cal, but that's a entirely different debate.

    Again, that .357sig round has just plain down stolen my heart! In my opinion, it does everything very well.
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    Don't forget the Sig 2022. Polymer, so its lighter but still has Sig reliability and is available in .357 Sig for around $400-500. This will be my next Sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    I have both and have known folks who carry a 226 regularly, so it can be done. For a lot of Federal agencies the 229 is now the standard carry weapon, make of that what you will. My 226 is 9mm, and I have both the 357 and .40 barrels for my 229, as has been said you will pay for the 357 SIG ammo.

    If you are looking strictly for a SIG carry weapon, let me toss a third choice out for your consideration...... Take a look at the SIG 239,you still have the choice of all three rounds. I have a 239 in 9mm and it is a "tack driver".
    Cool, I guess I qualify as a "Sig guy". Sweet!

    I carry the P239 in .40S&W. I can't see myself concealing something as big as a 229 or 226, though obviously some do. Its just not an optipn in the Florida summer. Consider the 239, its an excellent weapon.
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