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Thinking of switching to 9mm for conceal carry

This is a discussion on Thinking of switching to 9mm for conceal carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by smolck Thank you for the responses. I was looking at a Sig 239, does it have a manual safety? That is one ...

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Thread: Thinking of switching to 9mm for conceal carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolck View Post
    Thank you for the responses. I was looking at a Sig 239, does it have a manual safety? That is one thing about the SD40 I don't like, it doesn't.
    So, you are really opening up a big can of worms. There are a lot more variables involved in the ability to make fast, accurate followup shots. It's more than just caliber. You can find large caliber pistols that have moderate recoil that enable faster followup shots. You can find small 9's that are light and small and quick, accurate followup shots are difficult. I lean more toward heavier guns with a longer sight radius that are easier to shoot well. For example, I normally carry either a Glock 30 or Sig Sauer P220, both 45acp pistols. To me, they both have very similar recoil patterns...... The Sig because it is a metal, heavier pistol with good balance, the Glock 30 because it has a low bore axis and the polymer frame helps absorb recoil. To me, the recoil feels very similar between the two very different pistols. I personally favor the 45acp caliber over both the 9mm and 40 smith. Bigger bullet than the 9 and better recoil nature than the 40smith. Looks like you've begun the search for the "perfect" caliber and "perfect" handgun.......a search I have yet to complete (I'm not sure anyone ever does......).

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    Wow, you guys have been bumping an old thread. I have made so many changes since I posted this it isn't even funny. Since getting my license to carry back in March of 2011 I have owned the following guns:
    SD40 (first gun, pushed by the gun store owner because he got a spiff for selling them)
    S&W 442 Airweight
    Amercian Classic Commander 1911
    Smith and Wesson M&P9C
    Kahr CM9
    Para GI LTC Commander
    And my new current carry gun I will never sell is my Kimber Pro Carry 2

    I kept some of those guns, sold most of them though. I have decided the 1911 platform fits me best for my style of carry. I like the SA trigger, I like the size, I like the caliber. I have also worked a LOT on my shooting and am confident I can shoot fast with any gun.

    I guess the moral of this thread is this, concealed carry is a progression. What works for you likely won't work for me and vice versa. Variety is the spice of life and I think you should experiment as much as your budget allows till you get it right. I can't even tell you the number of holsters and belts I have tried in the same year since I started carrying. Point is, whatever you get, train hard with it and make sure you are proficient.

    That is all, Carry on!
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    A particular NRA instructor friend of mine responded to a similar question like this...Someone asked why he carries a 9mm instead of a .40 or .45. He said 'You already know the answer'. Then he went on to explain it like this...

    Accuracy trumps caliber. I'm good with a 40 or 45, but I'm better with a 9mm. Add the capability of 15, 16 or 17 rounds, maybe even a mag extension for 18 or 19 and combine that with +P rounds and I don't need anything else. I can easily stop anyone with a couple well placed hot 9mm rounds, and managing consecutive shots is easier. And since its a prudent idea to train with what you carry, ammunition is significantly cheaper and you can shoot more with a smaller caliber.

    Its a valid point that I tend to agree with.
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    I can shoot any pretty much the same. 9mm and 45 pretty close as well. I thought I wanted a 9, and got an M&P9c. Then I hear all the bad things about taking a lot of 9mm to take someone down. I traded for a Glock 33 and now have a .357 Sig. I wanted something will a little more pepper to it. I DO NOT doubt that .357 Sig would be more effective than 9mm.

    Might not really matter in the end, but for now in my mind it does and that is comforting.
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    Intesting tread . In 26 years I have carried only 3 handguns. One for 20 years 38 taurus 85SS I know what I can do with what I carry and unlike many I shoot 400 trouble free rounds of what ever is cheap and then 200 HP of what I will carry and run trouble free before CC with it. Not allways something most 1911 can do ether. No defence class cartidge is any better than another. Miss a vital spots by 2 inch's and it can take multiply rounds to do the job with any. So untill someone can make a short handgun cartidge travel at 2000fps in a thin 20oz or less handgun I will stay with what I have now. Maybe glock will load the 22 TCM cartidge. Pick one , keep it and get good with it. Real does not matter what it is.

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