Got the itch for a new gun!!!

Got the itch for a new gun!!!

This is a discussion on Got the itch for a new gun!!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; WOW, what the heck is this???? I have had an itch to buy a new one and cannot seem to scratch it!!! I'm in a ...

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Thread: Got the itch for a new gun!!!

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    Question Got the itch for a new gun!!!

    WOW, what the heck is this???? I have had an itch to buy a new one and cannot seem to scratch it!!! I'm in a dilemma on what to buy???

    My wife wants something to take with her on her weekly trips to the city. I don't want her to have one that is too complicated.... Just a nice double action squeeze trigger and go bang type deal. I'm thinking revolver... 357 caliber loaded with 38spl.... Small for the purse or center console in the truck, and, for me to carry on occasion when we are traveling together....... then it would get loaded with full load 357's

    I've looked at Taurus, S&W, Ruger, even a Charter...... still nothing seems to fit the bill........

    She really likes my little Beretta 21A Bobcat but we won't go there....

    I have hundreds of rounds of factory 357 in the safe, several boxes of factory 38spl and tons of brass to reload for both so pratice and carry ammo will not be an issue at all.

    Now to settle on what to get???????
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    You didnt like the SP101? That would be my pick.
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    I'll second the Ruger SP101, I have one and just bought my daughter-in-law's a tank.
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    If you're going to stoke it with .357's, I'd agree with the other guys, SP101. You'll appreciate the extra weight.
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    Have the itch? Welcome to where scratching begins. Based on the requisites of ‘small for the purse, wife-like, etc. I’d lean more towards to a S&W 640 loaded with Federal 125gr .38 Nyclads.
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    S&W model 66 snubby

    My first choice for your application would be the S&W model 66 snubby. These are out of production, but many lightly used versions abound in the used market for about $500. The gun is heavy enough to easily handle .357 ammo, holds 6 rounds, has a trigger to die for, and is all stainless to resist corrosion. It is a classic of its type, and I like it well enough to own 3 of them. The gun also conceals very easily in a pancake holster because of its smooth contours.

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    I have a S&W 442 J frame airweight in .38. Shoots nice, a little heavy on the recoil with +p loads due to the light weight. If you are interested, lemme know. It has 16 shots through it.

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    Another vote for the SP101, my favorite revolver!!!!!!

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    If its for her, let her pick it.
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    glockman10mm hit the nail on the head.

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    I would buy a Ruger SP-101 with a 2.25" barrel and Crimson Trace laser grip in .357 Magnum.

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    My wife really likes to carry my 638 (ok her 638 now). We load it with any quality 125 gr. +p for her and she carries it in a Coranado Leather purse (I know but at least she carries it all the time). Like G-man said if it's for your wife let her pick what she likes and you can't go very wrong.

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    I'd second the idea of an older "pre-lock" 640-1, then add an XS Big Dot sight (standard size) and you pretty much have the ultimate .38 that can handle the .357's when you'd like.

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    I'll add another vote for the 640. It has an excellent trigger than can be made even better with some tuning. The standard grip that it comes with feels great in my small hand (better than the Ruger), so if your wife's hand is not that big she might like the 640 better than the Ruger. The gun is a pleasure to shoot with .38 loads, including +p, and is very accurate. Any snubbie, including the Ruger, is going to be a handful with full-house .357 loads, but you might want to check out Buffalo Bore's Tactical Low Flash/Recoil .357 load. It is still very powerful, but won't punish your hand or scorch the earth in front of you.

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    It might help if you could tell us why you didn't like the ones you mentioned. That would help narrow it down.

    I really like the SP101, but it's on your 'dislike' list.

    Maybe check out the S&W model 60. It's a bit bigger than the 640, I believe.

    If you don't like Charter, Taurus or Ruger, then that pretty much leaves S&W. Unless you want to check out the Rhino or the Windicator.
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