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Ghost Rocket

This is a discussion on Ghost Rocket within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been reading about the "Ghost Rocket" change over for Glocks. It appears that it gives less trigger travel and reset. Does this take ...

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    Ghost Rocket

    I have been reading about the "Ghost Rocket" change over for Glocks. It appears that it gives less trigger travel and reset. Does this take away any of the Glock safeties?
    I would like to hear comments from those who have made these changes and give a report.
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    Look in here...The Rocket requires minor fitting of the Rocket by shortening the trigger control tab. No changes are made to the pistol.

    That said...I like to keep my Glocks, stock (except for the night sights).OMOYMV
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    i use the 4.5 ghost, for 23$ its great, dont go lower for a carry gun.... for a range only gun, go lower... safety is the same

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    You're making a good choice, I wouldn't have any other connector in my Glocks; I don't have in fact, I've installed Ghost Rockets in all my Glocks and I carry them all. You can read Arthur's treatise on trigger pulls here:


    But don't get your hopes built up that the Rocket will give you a 3.5# trigger pull, it won't, but it will be lighter than stock. Glock measures trigger pull weight using a fixture that mounts on the 'toe' or tip of the trigger. Hence, when they pull the trigger they have the full leverage of the trigger working for them and that's how they get the 3.5 figure.

    I just measured my Ghost Rocket in my G17 with the 'hook' just below the trigger safety pivot and I'm pulling slightly downward to make sure it stays low and I get about 5.75 lbs - hardly the 3.5 perhaps expected.

    However, many stock 1911s have trigger pulls about the 3.75 to 4.5# mark; if the 3.5# connector was a liability risk, just imagine what a 3.75 trigger on a 1911 would be.

    You do need to do some shooting once you get the Rocket installed, it is lighter than stock and you need some acclimation to be sure you're use to the lighter pull, even though it's still pretty heavy as triggers go. I suspect an M&P with an DCAEK kit in it would be even lighter than a Rocket. Hmmm, I can check that - I just measured the M&P with the APEX and it's 5 and an 1/8#.

    Oh, and FWIW, Blackwater has Ghost 3.5# connectors in the Glocks they issue their contractors. I just don't know if it's the Rocket or the Ultimate, but I'm pretty sure it's the Rocket.
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