New Ruger SR9c + range report

New Ruger SR9c + range report

This is a discussion on New Ruger SR9c + range report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I recently bought a Ruger SR9c to add to my Ruger collection. My first pistol ever was a Ruger P95, to which I added ...

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Thread: New Ruger SR9c + range report

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    New Ruger SR9c + range report

    So I recently bought a Ruger SR9c to add to my Ruger collection. My first pistol ever was a Ruger P95, to which I added a Taurus 709 slim. I couldn't ever get the 709 to work for me, even after a couple trips back to the shop. I traded it off for a Ruger LCP which I could not be happier about. I helped a friend with a house he was building, and he gave me a $200 gift card for Bass Pro Shop. Normally, I would NEVER buy a gun from them, because of thier poor customer service and WAY over-priced guns. But... with $200 off the cost, I couldn't pass it up. Its been on my wish list for a while now. (Probably should have went ahead and got my carry permit though, (I keep waiting for tons of people who say they want to take it with me)) I brought my "never shot a gun before" sister with me, and she had a great time with the P95 and SR9c. She shot the LCP a few times, but didn't care for it much. Too much recoil out of the little snapper. The entire trip was flawless. No hiccups out of the P95 (DUH, 1000+ rounds with narry a problem) The LCP performed as always, although I picked up the Pearce (sp) grip extensions which helped my grip out tremendously. I am absolutely in love with the SR9c. LOVE that gun. Perfect size, sweet trigger, and I shoot it well. I have already began to think about trading off the P95, simply because the SR9c fills every role the P95 could fill (and then some) Still on my wishlist are a Ruger Mk II or III or 22/45 (still need to research what the model designations all mean, I want a semi auto .22 for plinking, or maybe hunting) And would also love a revolver (.22 and 357 probably) and some sort of battle rifle. SKS/AK/AR, oh, and a carbine in the 9mm caliber also. I do own a long range rifle (deer hunting 300 WSM) a couple of 12 gauges, and .22 rifles. (I know, I got some room to grow still!) Anyhow, I'm attemting to attach come photos. Hope this works!

    Ok, to be fair, my sister did take a couple of magazine's worth of shots at the target too!

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    That's a good looking Ruger family. I've also got a P95 that I love. I rarely if ever carry it anymore because I have so many other smaller carry guns, but I shoot it so well I can't bring myself to sell it. Good report on the SR9c. They look like nice firearms. Ruger has really brought out some nice guns the last few years with the SR9, SR40, SR9c, LCP, LCR, and now LC9. You can pretty much cover your carry bases with Ruger products now. And they're a great company with great quality and CS.
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    Nice shooting

    Yes the SR9c is a great little gun. I love mine.
    And yes you have a nice Ruger family.
    Shoot safe,

    Proud Ruger & SIG owner, in the Free State of Arizona

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    I would like to shoot one, not that I would buy one, but I would like to know how they shoot.

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    Nice! Congrats.
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