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accurate short barreled 45

This is a discussion on accurate short barreled 45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I hung-up my .45 a while ago and I’ve owned quite a few along the way. I remember my favorite was a Gold Cup, back ...

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Thread: accurate short barreled 45

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    I hung-up my .45 a while ago and I’ve owned quite a few along the way. I remember my favorite was a Gold Cup, back when the trigger and hammer were plated with real gold. Anyway, if I were buying today, it would be an Ed Brown Kobra Carry.
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    I've been rolling soda cans at about 25 yards with my 2.5" S&W 325...not sure if you want better than that, but it sure works for me...
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    I've given the Glocks a lot of thought. I have 26 that I really like. I've also looked at the M&P 45c not sure if the gun is shorter or just the grip. Really haven't thought much about 1911 just due to price point. Actually held a cw45 the other day and it felt really good. I just wasn't familiar with their reliability and accuracy and don't know anyone who would let me test drive one. A lot to think about. Then I wonder if im forgetting something

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejes View Post
    I own a Glock 36, Glock 30, and Colt Defender. Of the 3, the Glock 30 is, BY FAR, the most accurate of them all. But, it is the most difficult to carry IWB due to width. 2-3 inch groups at 25 yrds. with the 30 are not difficult; and better groups can be had with practice. The 30 is just an inherently accurate pistol.
    If you like Glocks, then the 30 is an incredible carry gun. 10+1 rounds of .45ACP (same capacity as the 26 and 27, and only slightly larger) is a lot of firepower in an easily concealed sized gun. I have owned 4 Glocks, and this is the only one I wish I could make work. Just can't get over the grip angle. Don't miss the others at all.

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    The guys here have given you some good advice. I have a Colt Defender and I'm pleased with it's accuracy. But I'm not sure you will be able to find one for under $600

    I also have a RIA compact tactical that has been accurate and reliable. But it can be a bit on the heavy side for some people.

    So those are the 2 that I have and can recomend from my personal experiences.

    I like ths size, weight and firepower of the Glock 36 and have been contemplating getting one for concealed carry as well.

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    I recommend taking a look at Taurus. I recently bought a 24/7 Pro with the 4" barrel, and it's amazing. At 7 yards, I can put 50 rounds through the middle of a silhouette target, and can continue to reliably do so back to around 20-25 yards. When I purchased mine, I did manage to catch it on sale, and paid $400 out the door for the gun, a box of 50 200gr jhps, and tax. The gun is normally right around $375 before tax. I haven't done any work to it, it's beautifully accurate right out of the box, and handles beautifully. Easy to conceal, 12+1 capacity in .45ACP, has a striker fire system, double action/single action, has an indicator to tell you whether or not the weapon is cocked, and also has a visual/tactile loaded chamber indicator. I have to say that it has been the best money that I have ever spent on a firearm, and plan to buy another Taurus as soon as I can convince the wife to let me.

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    The Glock-36 is my EDC, but I also have the Glock-30. Wrap your hands around each, and one will begin calling your name.
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    I have 3 1911's SA 1911-A1 mil-spec 5" ,Colt Commander XSE 4.25", RIA 1911 3.5",Even tho I only Paid $369.00 for the RIA it is pretty accurate and actually has a better trigger than my Colt that cost about 3 times as much
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    Comparing my 3" Kimber UCII to my G36. The weight is only a difference of 3oz with the Kimber being the slightly heavier. The G36 is thicker and slightly longer. My 3" 1911 has always been flawless no matter what ammo I put into it and the same for my G36. I shoot the Kimber much more accurately than the Glock. I do believe that is due to the difference in triggers more than anything else.
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    Glock 30! Very accurate!! Mine is converted to a 10mm but in either set up it will shoot much better than I can! darn near one hole at 7 yards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sliponby View Post
    Have you considered the Kahr CW45?
    Or a PM45...
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    The G-36 just fits, shoots and carries right for me.


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    I would recommend the M&P45c, the Glock 30, the Glock 36, and the Colt Defender. Take your pick of whatever fits you best.
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    The Kahr PM45 is nice and small but the recoil from a 14 once gun is harsh!. I carry a Wilson Sentinel Officer's alloy frame or a Para Ordnance P10 that has been tricked by Cylinder & Slide. The P10 has a 3" barrel and is very easy to conceal and is as accurate as I can be. I have had no problems with Kimber's Ultra line either.

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    The 1911s in 3 in. seem to have a spotty reputation with regard to reliability, so if you go in that direction, "wring it out" good to make sure you can count on it as a carry weapon. I carry a Glock 30 IWB much of the time and, although it is a bit heavy when fully loaded, it conceals well and shoots like a dream. I haven't shot the CW45, but own a CW9 and it is so light and thin that it is a breeze to carry and I'm sure the CW45 would be similar.
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