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accurate short barreled 45

This is a discussion on accurate short barreled 45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I must admit my Series 80 Officer's model does VERY well at 25yrds. Keep in mind the Officer's model is a 3.5in barrel, not the ...

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Thread: accurate short barreled 45

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    I must admit my Series 80 Officer's model does VERY well at 25yrds. Keep in mind the Officer's model is a 3.5in barrel, not the same as the Defender which is 3in.

    Anyhoo, when I did an IDPA safety course years ago, I took it instead of my full size and there were 4 die hard guys there with full size 1911's. All of them commented on the accuracy of my little Officer's model. It really sucked though in the last part of the course, my extracter broke and I was done for the evening!

    I do carry her in the summer months and she's still dead nuts accurate, reliable, (minus the extractor incident), and conceals soooo freakin' well!

    Probably my 2nd fav in my collection behind my P229R.
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    If finances allow....a Kimber Ultra CDP....sweet....
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    Pick any platform that appeals to you with reliability as a priority. The length of the barrel is not where the accuracy comes into play, its the shorter sight radius that will hinder you.
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    I have a 30 and a 36. They are both very accurate. The 36 is easier to carry all day but the 30 wins in capacity.
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    I carry a g30. Bulky but indeed it shoots great when I take it for a spin.

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    My favorite short barrel 1911 is definitly the Kimber Ultra Carry II. The CDP is sweet but will run another 200-300 more. That said, the UCII will run you about 1000-1100 at a gun shop and in the 9's at a gun show. I know that is well above your 600 dollar price cap you are trying to stay in but you just cant beat the quality or relaibililty of a Kimber. I love my UCII. the Glocks shoot incredibly well right out of the box too, so its a matter of what you like. try and go to a shop where you can grab them all and see what feels good to you. Good luck!

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    It's a little over $600 (unless you can find it used, there's 5-6 on gb right now for under $700), but I'm lovin' the Sig P220 Carry. It has a 3.9" barrell. I appendix carry 90% of the time, even with my spare tire pushing against it, it's still a comfortable carry. I cannot speak for other Sig models, but the out of the box accuracy on the P220 Carry is nice. I'm new to handguns (tons of experience with M16, M60, TOW missles, etc) and at 25yrds, I can still get solid groups most of the time (the other times, i attribute to my noobness).

    Mine was new & already had night sights (tritium 2 dot rear, 1 dot front) on it.
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    The most accurate compact 45 I own is the Performance center Shorty 45 MKII.

    It is a sub 1.5" gun at 25 yards. Not with me shooting it though

    While it is accurate, I would suggest the non PC version, the early production 4513TSW with the cut out grip frame. My 4513TSW is ALMOST as accurate as my PC Shorty 45 but is easier to conceal with the smaller grip frame.

    I put Hogue 4516 grips on it as it makes the grip fit my hand better.

    If you do not have very large hands, a CS45 might also be a little 45 you would want to look at. A few of the guys on my squad have gotten amazing accuracy out of the CS45.

    The M&P compact is too thick through the slide and has a trigger that is too lousy for accurate shooting, for me.

    Good luck with your search! Regards 18DAI.

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    My G36 is very accurate. It is the only short barreled 45ACP that I own. I prefer the way my fullsize 1911s carry. I have to much belly for appendix carry.
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    M&P Lineup is great. If you are dead set on the .45ACP I would get the M&P45 compact (it is the same size as a Glock 19 or Glock 23)

    But in all seriousness don't over look the the M&P40 compact. With a good hot 135grain or 155 grain round they do just as much damage as a .45ACP Plus the M&P40 compact is a little smaller than a M&P45compact Glock 19 or Glock 23.... The 40cal is a round and the gun is very reliable and with in your price range.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I personally prefer the Springfield Armory GI.45 Micro Compact, the gun that's in my avatar. Six + 1, .45, and due to a ramped barrel can also shoot a hollow point -- I carry Remington Golden Sabres in it, after test firing those for some time.

    3" barrel, very accurate, and heavy enough to counter-balance the punch of a .45. It can be a little heavy for carry, but personally I like the feel of the big ole' honker on my belt. I carry it IWB at 4 o'clock.
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    It is not in your budget, but I carry a kimber ultra carry and have found it to be reliable and comfortable for carry. It is more accurate than I am and I would and do reccomend it for anyone seeking a light weight short barrelled carry piece

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