Glock 23 Generation 3 or 4?

Glock 23 Generation 3 or 4?

This is a discussion on Glock 23 Generation 3 or 4? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I sold my gen 3 Glock 23 a while back...IDIOT! Now I want it back. So Im looking for another one. I would like ...

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Thread: Glock 23 Generation 3 or 4?

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    Glock 23 Generation 3 or 4?

    Well I sold my gen 3 Glock 23 a while back...IDIOT! Now I want it back. So Im looking for another one. I would like to handle a gen 4, but cant find one to fondle. Ive heard the grip was somewhat better for smaller hands like myself. But Ive heard the complaints about the grip dimples also. I had no problem with the gen3 grip, but I do have small hands, so would it be worth holding out till I find gen 4 to hold? Any other opinions on the gen4?
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    I don't care much for the gen4, and I have smaller hands as well. I'd much rather have a 3.
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    I've got small hands. The Gen 4 didn't feel like any improvement for me, except the mag release is a little better.

    But it wasn't enough to sway me away from buying another Gen 3
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    My son-in-law bought a Gen 4 23 last week. We went to the range and I shot it along with my Glock 23 RTF2 (gen 3.5). I could not tell much difference in how they shot. I thought the Gen 4 recoil would be softer, but it seemed the same. Some people say the RTF2 is too prickly, but I thought it was easier to hold than the Gen 4.
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    I have both and the Gen4 is more comfortable to shoot, the Gen3 to carry. The Gen 4 dimples can be kind of rough on the skin. All the new ones I buy will probably be GEN4 unless I find a great deal on a GEN3
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    I'll stick with the Gen III...OMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I'll stick with the Gen III...OMO
    +1 I see no reason to switch
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    I picked up a new Glock last week. I had the choice of the Gen3 and Gen4 and I looked at the Gen4 for less than a minute when I choose the Gen3. I had already had the Gen3 in the past so I knew what I was getting.
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    I have the Gen 3 and see no viable reason to change.
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    I simply do not like ANY attempt that Glock has made to alter their grips and grip surfaces...Gen 3 all the way.
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    I find the gen 4 grip with no back strap a lot more comfortable then the gen 3. It's actually what made me buy another glock.
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    I have a Gen 4 23 and I like some things about it but not everything. I think the new texture is an improvement however I still put Talon Grips on it which are awesome!

    The new mag release is nice.

    The new finish that Glock is using SUCKS!! Can't emphasize that enough.

    I have mixed feelings on the new dual recoil spring. I had several stovepipe malfunctions from my gun from the beginning. At first I thought I was limp wristing but then I finally narrowed down the problem to 1 magazine. The mag was the older style that I bought at my LGS and was supposed to be new however I suspect it was used.

    After I figured out that I was only having issues when using 1 magazine I intentionally tried to make the gun malfunction by limp-wristing and could not duplicate the problem no matter how loose I held the gun. I still don't have complete faith in the gun because I've never heard of a stovepipe being cause by a bad magazine. I don't know if it was coincidence or not. Maybe someone more experienced can confirm this.

    Since I stopped using that magazine I have had zero failures but I don't carry the gun because I'm still not 100% confident in it. If I had it to do over I might get a Gen 3.

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